The Scientist who might just keep us alive. Forever.


Aubrey Du Grey

I had the pleasure of first meeting Dr. Aubrey De Grey in 2009 at an anti aging conference in Southern California with my partner Dr. Joe Mercola. It was one of our first conferences we were attending together (Joe, not Aubrey) and we’ve attended many more since.

From the moment I met Dr. De Grey I found him intimidating. Don’t get me wrong. He’s extremely polite, charming British accent and very kind. Despite having a few scientists, doctors and PhD’s in the family-  I think I’m just a little afraid of his big brain. Maybe it’s the interviews I’ve seen of him on tv or the films he stars in.. or maybe  it’s the fact that he might be able to keep us all alive. Forever.

Aubrey and I  chatted briefly during the event and even got a few photos together but then carried on our separate ways.Our paths didn’t cross again until this year 2014 at the Longevity Now conference. Once again it was in … Southern California.

This time I took the bull by the horns and wrote Aubrey asking for an interview. To my delight and surprise he wrote back almost immediately and said he’d love to. Aubrey was (and still is) my very first interview ever on my new site

It was in January and everyone around me was sick (and I mean everyone- even the health nuts who never get sick)

Dr. Mercola and I flew in to Orange County and I figured I’d be fine- I hadn’t had a cold over 2 years despite overcoming Lyme this last year. I’d also just gotten the news day before that my cat was terminal and had weeks to live. (She didn’t listen to the diagnoses and is still kicking)  The morning I interviewed Aubrey I woke up with a head cold, no sleep, I could barely breathe. But the show must go on. I was determined.

The interview went more smoothly than I thought (check our interview  below)

 At that time I didn’t know about the huge documentary just coming out called “The Immortalists”  which features  Aubrey De Grey, accepted at many film festivals like SXSW and given rave reviews.  The other star in the film is Bill Andrews -who Dr. Mercola and I spent several days with in Mexico at yet another anti aging event. Interestingly Bill is also brilliant but didn’t intimidate me in the least.  I definitely recommending watching the film along with the interview I did with Aubrey.

After the camera stopped rolling we went on to talk about some rather eyebrow raising topics.  He’d told me before we talked that I could ask him about anything I liked from his sex life to – you name it. I was too shy to ask him about that was but wasn’t really surprised when I saw in the feature documentary that he does appear nude. You see, Aubrey is a naturist. Of course I screwed that up when he told me he goes nude (yep the camera wasn’t on dammit) and I said naturalist but he corrected me.

We also chatted about how he was fortunate that his mother (an artist. as he says in the video)  was wise in investing in several properties  and when she passed away he was left with several million dollars. He donated nearly 100% of that to the foundation  which I found admirable.   I do mention in the video that I would like to interview him in another 100 years but admittedly I hope it’s sooner than that. I think there is more than meet the eye with this fascinating human being and consider myself very lucky to have had the pleasure to have sat down and talked with him and even caught it on video- allowing us to get a glimpse into the life of the man, the scientist they call Dr. Aubrey De Grey…

Erin has spent the last 5 years with her partner Dr. Mercola. Erin has worked in the green/health/fitness and technology sector for nearly 25 years.  She and Dr. Mercola  have one  very old pet born in 95- Ms Pye the internet cat.  You can follow her (Erin, not the cat)  here on Facebook and subscribe to her newsletter if you please 🙂