3rd Alternative, Prominent Doctor From Florida Found Dead in 2 weeks. Authorities say MD was murdered.


First and foremost, it brings me no joy to break yet another story about another doctor. My heart goes out to the friends, families and patients of all three of them who were from here in Florida. I hope they find at least one of the killers who is currently on the loose.

Controversial Autism Researcher Murdered

Less than 2 weeks ago the first doctor, Dr. Jeff Bradstreet, MD a controversial autism researcher loved by his patients, was found in a river with a gunshot wound to his chest. He leaves behind a beautiful wife and children. On June 20th, his friends and family started a memorial page on Facebook in his honor and I waited 3 days after that to report the story, out of respect. Some don’t believe that I should cover these stories, but I am a journalist, and now that 3 doctors have died so quickly from my home state (at least one murdered) I feel I need to write about it.

Dr. Bruce Hedendal Found Dead In His Car

The second doctor is Dr. Bruce Hedendal, DC, PhD  of Boca Raton, FL who died suddenly on Father’s Day, leaving behind a beautiful family. Sources tell me that he was found dead in his car; there had been no accident and it wasn’t running. He had exercised earlier at an event, but we don’t want to speculate, as the authorities have yet to rule on his cause of death. In addition to being a DC, he held a PhD in nutrition from Harvard. A friend who worked with him said he was in great shape, describing him as “very healthy”. They too didn’t know the cause of death and were still in shock, not sure if anyone knows at this point.

Both Dr Hedendal and Dr. Bradstreet had run ins with the feds in the past. In fact, Dr. Bradstreet’s office was just raided by the FDA days before he died. We know they will both be missed by countless patients, family and friends.

Dr Sievers’ Death

The most recent death was that of the inspiring and intelligent Teresa Ann Sievers MD, also here in Florida (Bonita Springs).  The bio on her website describes her many accomplishments and degrees as a medical doctor who believed in a holistic, alternative approach.  She lived in a safe area where neighbors said they rarely, if ever, had problems. I had actually just been in that neighborhood last month for a health event and it’s beautiful and serene.  UPDATE: This new video about Dr. Sievers’ death on CBS News talks about a donation site set up through CBS’s official website for those who wish to do so.

From the breaking news article about Dr. Sievers’ death:

The killing of a popular Estero doctor has left family and friends puzzled and saddened.

The body of Dr. Teresa Ann Sievers, 46, was found Monday morning at her Jarvis Road home after she didn’t arrive at work.

“We don’t know anything but that she was murdered,” said Sievers’ sister, Annie Lisa, 52. She said Sievers, her husband and children had come to Connecticut for a gathering and her sister flew home alone Sunday.

The Lee County Sheriff’s Office declined to discuss the case, saying it was an ongoing homicide investigation, but assured neighbors that there was no threat in the area, but they reminded residents to lock their doors.

Sadly, Dr. Sievers leaves behind a husband Mark, and two daughters aged 8 and 10. We will update the article as we know more.

Another article talks about the reward being offered and provides a phone number where you can call in anonymous tips. If you have information pertaining to the death of Dr. Sievers or any information or tips, please call.

Again we’ll report as more info becomes available and ask that everyone stay safe and alert. We send our condolences and thoughts to all family, friends and patients of these three wonderful doctors.

XO Erin Elizabeth, Health Nut News, Florida July 1, 2015


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Erin Elizabeth


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Disclaimer: This article is not intended to provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.

  • Reymon Liss


  • dktrjoy

    I don’t understand why you wouldn’t want to report on this, SHOUT IT OUT, what???

  • Whyzat

    These Doctors were probably “Targeted Individuals”. The powers that be, are in big pharma’s back pocket. They are targeting people who don’t play along. I am a targeted individual. There are many thousands. This is a growing threat to humanity. Educate yourself to the problem.

  • Hans Stuk

    Steve Jobs killed himself through acidic poisoning based on his fruit diet. He destroyed his pancreas. Many of these health nuts are following the same path.

  • guest from Poland

    God Bless the professionals who get us out of the hands of the Pharma mafia.

  • Robin Helmholdt

    That’s not true! These “health nuts” are very aware of the nutritional balance needed to be as healthy as possible, they’re not stupid! Lol.

  • kskiska

    Whyzat, can you share more??

  • Laurelrobyn

    Being shot in the chest and murdered in the street have nothing to do with their diet and everything to do with their medical views. Open your eyes.

  • From what I read he drank fruit juices which are high in sugar and make the body acidic.She should have been juicing vegetables for him instead

  • Jeanne Price

    Big Pharmaceutical Companies are killing off doctors who speak out
    about the dangers of vaccines…Six to seven are already dead…but
    thousands upon thousands of parents of vaccine injured or dead children
    know the truth…they can’t kill all of us…

  • Ben Franklin

    Jobs didn’t kill himself. He was assassinated.

  • Tonggie9
  • Tonggie9

    When Raja Fayad, M.D., was murdered on the campus of the University of South Carolina this past February 2015, he was working on something big.

  • Lori Lamb

    That’s B.S.!

  • Lori Lamb

    Yes, by our modern medicine who conned him into the standard of protocol while he thought he was buying himself a better way! He like everyone else who follows the protocol got duped! They don’t want to cure anything, there is too much money involved.

  • Joy Lynn Baker

    Maybe “martyr-ing” them is what we need to do for these individuals for the publicity it will promote our cause & (maybe) make them back down as it will shoot them in the foot? With all due respect to these who lost their lives & their families, maybe it will help stop the murders?

  • bev

    Go against the mainstream doctors and you will lose your license or you life it seem like to me…ask Dr. OZ.

  • Johnny Martinez

    women deserve the misery that they helped create, allah speed with sharia law

  • DWS

    I would be suspicious of an “anonymous” reward offering – could be a way for the perpetrator(s) to target anyone with evidence.

  • baruchzed

    The pro-choice vaccine safety movement has been gaining ground. More
    and more people realize how corrupt the drug companies are, and the
    reality of dead babies is hitting home…so now we have 3 doctors who
    were smart enough to look into these issues…assassinated! I am going
    out on a limb here but I would bet that Merck or Pfizer or Lilly or one
    of those drug companies paid for the hits. Do you see now, people, that
    the vaccines being (now) forced are made by corrupt corporations? So
    how can you trust what’s in the vaccine???!!!

  • Keet Hensley


  • Melissa Hall
  • Lindaxox

    No the are not!

  • sequence

    Hans, what it has to do with all those murders?

  • MacFly1

    Big Pharma killers.

  • MacFly1

    probably won’t work but at least you can take one or two of them with you as you go.

  • MacFly1

    educate yourself to the problem.

  • Whyzat

    Look it up on the net. Targeted individuals and gang stalking. Dr John Hall has written books about it. Dr Robert Duncan, who helped develop the technology has written books about it. This is a growing problem around the world.

  • People’sArmy

    god of this age its money! look they can murder all day long the trend is growing the news is out, alternative medicine is the future just like computers we are not going back to paper and pencil. but we have the old money Satanists who like all big corporate cash flows do not want the electric cars or the solar homes or the simple 2 cent cures to go viral!
    so what do they do? Murder, its cheap when you can buy off the county corner for 100k to write cause of death suicide . look at the bankers dyeing from roof tops. doctors make good targets cuz if they see there classmates floating face down in the river maybe they will claim up and not speak to the media ?
    fear of death is a good motivator? dont you think? we live in a pirate town now get ye your swords!

  • Carmen James

    This is very sad, what happen to freedom of speech. Absolutely ridiculous that the pharma companies have the government in the their pockets. Parents should have the right with whatever they want to do with their kids, they know what is best. Also most of the outbreak that has happened has been by people who have been vaccinated. Alternative medicine has been around for thousands of years. I have suffered for years after getting a flu shot.

  • QuestionItAll

    Big Pharma has no qualms about killing off their customers, so why should a few uppity doctors get in the way?

  • Jeff McIntyre

    And how would her diet prevented her from being shot in the chest. Please let me know we can save thousands of lives !

  • barbarakelly

    This Has been going on for awhile and it should make everyone leary of what the established MD are up too. Especially when you know that the Reg. MD and the Gov. wants us to keep taking their chemicals that screw with our system. There is something dark about these Dr. dying. We all know how the Gov. can hide their real reason for doing something. Just like this Jade Helm. Nothing like keeping us in the dark, right.???

  • whodowetrust

    They just had the Gov. sign off on a law to force everyone in California to have many vaccines given to children, WITH NO OP-OUTS (except a very strict Doctor rec. provision).
    If they kill off or frighten all the people who have any real standing to protest this then it will become law in all states.The only exception is home schooled children, which they make very hard to do, while following their “guidelines”.

  • whodowetrust

    You can’t. Gates made a remark that said vaccines would be used for population reduction. How that might work I will leave to those that can add two and two (without using Common Core math).
    Many Doctors died in a recent plane crash while going to a conference and the ones being killed are not all into holistic medicine either. Something very sinister is at work here.

  • MagenD

    All kinds of folks falling out of windows lately!!!!
    Hitler’s soon to come (BACK) out of the closet!!!

  • David Ewers

    you are a bunch of loons!

  • Matibob

    Obviously you have many issues with women. THIS FOOL IS AN APPARENT TROLL!

  • Lover of Truth

    I doubt these are all just coincidence. Thanks for exposing these three deaths together. BTW I saw a few typos. Might want to correct them as some can get very judgmental and will dismiss whatever you have to say if they see them. Yes, that would be semantics over spirit but it’s best to reach as many people as you can on this important issue. For if people are being murdered over their vaccine medical ideologies then it begs a lot more questions of who is really in control.

  • Francine LoStocco

    Yes there were the top aids researcher going to a conference, who ever organized the trip for them to all be on the same plane, must have been behind the crash. That is so apparent. These were the most brilliant minds. They had a cure. Since aids is a form of cancer, perhaps they were ready to reveal some life saving information. And we all know the cancer machine will stop at nothing to keep that under lock and key.

  • Joejoethabeanslayer

    SWARM THE BASTERDS!!!!!!!!!!

  • william mony

    It is apparent that the elite, now in control of our country through the Obama administration, no longer will hide in the shadows as they openly assassinate any one in their way from these doctors to andrew breitbart to gun rights activists.
    We live in the most dangerous times in our country’s history.
    Obama will have marital law in effect by 2016 and there will be no elections.
    Pray for our nation. There is open tyranny being displayed and we will soon lose all our freedoms. Those who try to save their lives will lose it, but those who lose their lives for Jesus will gain eternal life.

  • william mony

    This is setting up the prelude to the mark of the beast
    They have the country right where they want us.

  • GrayEagle48

    I picked up this interesting little tidbit of information on a radio show called Phil’s gang.
    “Of the fortune 500 companies ten are pharmaceutical companies, those ten companies
    make more profit than all the other four hundred ninety companies combined”, no
    wonder the Lord calls them “thy merchants were the great men of the earth.”
    A Fox news expert speaking of the VT tragedy said that anti psychotic drugs can be
    a big help to persons, IF, properly diagnosed, and properly prescribed, but can be a
    nightmare if not.

  • Dina Heath

    Why is there a “donation site” set up if this was a prominent doctor? I’m quite sure she had life insurance. The whole story sounds like someone has it in for holistic docs in Florida.

  • Shug

    Not to diminish the importance of the article, but, please, if you are a journalist, proofread & edit your work before posting online. You really take away from your validity when you don’t check your work & make corrections first.

  • Wendy Barnes

    Wow. The lady doc was most likely a hit arranged by her sister and her husband. The one in the car probably was sudden death from cardiac causes or a CVA. You can take great care of yourself and some genetic thing can still get you. But he likely prolonged his life, having healthy habits. The other may be a suicide. Doctors have a high suicide rate, compared to the general population. Lots of people debate vaccines and many other health issues. Knocking off docs won’t change that.

  • Wendy Barnes

    Are you serious?? My God, I had no idea how many people believe this conspiracy-theory nonsense. At least it keeps you in the house on the computer and off the streets with the rest of us! Too funny!

  • Suzanne

    Two doctors from Northwestern died a few months ago.

  • Betty L Worth

    GOD has given mankind everything they need with the plants, minerals – no patent needed! They are taking natural items and putting a twist on them for a patent and a lot of $$$$

  • Carol

    Thanks to Washington….they are getting more aggressive and brazen in their attempts to force us to bow and just drug up and take it

  • Marianne Ditmar-Flynn

    I live somewhat close to this area and believe me, none of us are comfortable. My thought was that someone thought the house was empty and they wanted drugs. I am so sorry for the husband and children. Meanwhile I will keep my trusty pistol close. RIP Dr. Sievers.

  • PithHelmut

    Don’t be ridiculous. We need to open government and declassify everything and dispense with copyrights, patents and anything secret in the public domain. We need a free and open press at least. Carrying guns is not solving the source of the problem, it’s just another stupid band aid and it doesn’t even work. And it keeps us like barbarians. But then, that’s the kind of thing men tend to tout.

  • John

    Anyone who speaks out, ends up on a Dead List:

    Dead Actors
    Dead Astronomers
    Dead Banksters
    Dead Doctors
    Dead Politicians
    Dead Scientists
    Etc, Etc

  • scm111

    Condolences to the families. Now to my point,
    “Now we have the attractive intelligent Teresa Ann Sievers MD, …” WHY does this have any importance in your article? As if only ugly female and male MD’s get off’ed. Until this color, race, gender, etc BS is replaced with non opinionated reporting will we truly reach equality.

  • Jett Crane

    What does her attractiveness have to with anythang? Does that make it more tragic or something?

  • John

    Exactly. The Pharmaceutical Industry Kills over a hundred thousand people a year & maims another 1 – 2 million from the horrific side effects.

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  • roundthings

    Our government, our enemy

  • Cmac

    Agree. I just had a stem cell transplant and am going through vaccinations again….people do this all of the time, you don’t hear about folks lime me getting autism or having other issues with our vaccines.

  • Allahu Akbar

    Maybe it’s time to go after the pharma execs? oh wait! I’m sure they have armed security teams…WHATEVER FOR?!?!?!

  • Valerie Garnet

    These deaths are all tragic, however, to feel fully informed, I need the attractiveness quotient of the deceased male doctors in addition to that provided on the female.

  • wolfgang7391

    Was her family out if town?

  • wolfgang7391

    Your not a two hour old baby getting a dose of mercury to the brain. But wait its coming in the form of Alzheimer’s

  • Diane Prima

    Yeah, because that’s what government does and always has, keeps everything open and honest, and operates without violence. Hate to burst your bubble but Hitler did the same thing, disarming citizens, so they couldn’t defend themselves. He never bothered the Swiss, hmmm. wonder why ? Since when did self defense become barbaric ?. Watching mindless government criminals do their evil bidding while sitting by watching and doing nothing, is the real evil.

  • That is what i’ve seen in initial reports. :-/

  • Touche’ Valerie. They were great men and doctors, and had their looks struck me, I’d have mentioned it. I just thought she was particularly attractive. Go figure… :-/

  • Several people have asked this. I just thought she was beautiful as I said in someone’s comment above. I’d seen her in person as well. Sorry if that bothered some people. Had the 2 other amazing doctors struck me as great looking I’d say that too.

  • I believe (but don’t know for certain) that the fund was set up on the CBS news-site for donations to investigate her murder. Many holistic MD’s (or even non holistic ones) aren’t as wealthy as we think these days.

  • Thanks. I wrote it quickly on the road. I need a good proofreader, but so far no one has offered or says I write too much to keep up. If you know someone let me know. I wanted to get this out in a timely fashion. I rarely misspell, but admittedly my grammar is not my forte’ (hey that’s putting it mildly!)

  • ah so it was just a home invasion eh? Just a total coincidence they all died within 2 weeks of each other? What’s your answer?

  • They have an anonymous tip line CBS lists in the article. The fund is set up on CBS website for the family. It’s not anonymous : ) I did clarify that in the article.

  • Michael G. Edwards

    Intrigued that the two men both had beautiful wives, and the woman who died happens also to be beautiful!? Are we to suspect that this is the common connection? I suspect that the reference i in fact irrelevant and would have been better not mention, if this is meant to be a serious article.
    I am an arternative practitioner myself, and troubled by these events. Please don’t trivialize them.

  • bigbill

    PLEASE, I understand your reluctance to report these most disturbing murders, but you must get the word out

  • auntvick

    Bill and Melinda Gates got plenty money to pay the hit squads.

  • Snopes Shop

    You people are all insane.

  • Jake

    Who cares

  • Jimmy999999

    Haha, 6-7 are dead? So you know that for a fact, but can’t distinguish between exactly how many humans have been murdered? Riiiight.

  • Jimmy999999

    Nice try nut jobs. The doc found in the river committed suicide, the one found in the car had a heart attack, and just because this most recent one was killed during a home invasion (which happens to anyone), we should believe that “They” (as you like to always label it) are killing off homeopaths and naturopaths?? Must be so tough constantly battling your own conspiracy laden minds all day, every day.

  • Jimmy999999

    And I assume there is no editing done with this site as it is filled with grammatical errors and jumps from topic to topic within the same paragraphs.

  • Jimmy999999

    If by “martyr-ing”, you mean tying a few random deaths together with no correlation to prove your point, than no, that’s not going to work.

  • Guest

    Hate to break it to you, but the entire mark of the founding of the United States is based upon the mark of the beast. 6 is the number for man in Biblical numerology, and the good ol’ USA is by the people (6), of the people (6) and for the people (6). It has been right in front of everyone the whole time and we were just too blinded by patriotic bullshit to be able to see it.

  • Jimmy999999

    Do you hear yourself speak? AIDS is in no way a form of cancer. AIDS is a virus. Cancer is the disease caused by an uncontrolled division of abnormal cells in a part of the body.

  • Jimmy999999

    “You’re” not ever going to get Mercury injected into “your” brain. No one does in fact.

  • Francine LoStocco

    Yes cancer is a virus.

  • Amanda Nordstrom

    I find the locations a little confusing. You mentioned one in Georgia, but the other are in Florida? Or are they all in Florida? Where did these take place?

  • wolfgang7391

    OMW I wouldn’t think I’d have to say this,of coarse your not injected into the brain,but Sherlock there is enough mercury iin a newborns hep b vacc for a 270 man,where do you think that mercury and aluminum goes? That’s right the heavy dose of metals go to the brain. Google that shit.

  • Pist-Off

    My heart goes out to the family and friends of those whom have lost their lives, due to revealing the truths about alternative approaches to diseases. These people are pioneers, and will be remembered for their efforts. Those whom are responsible for these deaths, have shown people that these alternatives do work, and are a threat to their industries and profits.

  • Chris1

    Unfortunately you’ve been fooled into thinking that.


  • vulpes123

    j/ My question is: If the the feds/big pharma did this … Why did it take so long for them to start doing this? I mean they are losing ground having been roundly discredited world wide.
    California now is requiring vaccinations and Australia is doing the same … so why now?
    Although this is sad … as with any murder … her voice being silenced will not affect much.
    “Big Pharma” would not risk it … let’s turn our attention somewhere else. /j

  • vulpes123

    Trained “hit team” will get you no matter what. They don’t stand a chance.

  • vulpes123

    Big Pharma is not behind this … stop saying this … if they are they will kill us all

  • vulpes123
  • Naia McCoy


  • Naia McCoy


  • Jimmy999999

    What does that even mean? Enough for a 270 lb man? Just some arbitrary comment. “Google that shit”. That’s the mantra of all anti-vaxers. Don’t trust medical professionals, trust chiropractors and mommy bloggers.

  • Jimmy999999

    No it’s not. You guys love Googling. Google cancer.

  • Jimmy999999

    Are you fucking kidding me? You seriously believe that pharmaceutical companies hire assassins to kill these quacks? Vaccines account for about 2% of their profits. Considering the world is getting sicker because of all this witchcraft nonsense, don’t you think pharma would be happy to have these nuts around? They make exponentially more money for treatment drugs vs preventative vaccines. If you guys actually did real research you’d know that already.

  • Jimmy999999

    And how exactly are they killing and maiming people every year?

  • wolfgang7391

    I’ve been inn the medical field ffor over 30yrs,no I don’t trust medical data anymore Jim,we’ve been taught wrong ppl are not getting better,and there is no good reason why a newborn gets a hep b vacc ,its pervervted. I trust in God not mans medical science propaganda anymore.

  • Jimmy999999

    It’s hard for me to even follow the flow of your stream of consciousness. Just one long run on sentence after another. You are in the medical field, yet you don’t trust medicine and only trust in God. Good to know.

  • Jimmy999999

    No you don’t lose your life, but there is a reason you lose your license. If not, every moron with internet connection could claim to be a doctor.

  • Jimmy999999

    You should probably look up ‘paranoid schizophrenia’ on the net.

  • wolfgang7391

    Maybe someday the blinders will fall off you too Jim,because honestly it does suck to think you’ve been lied too and taught wrong ,decieved into believing vaccines are good. Truth comes at a price when dealing with the medical mafia these doctors didn’t wanna play ball and the AMA just will not allow “troublemakers” to educate the masses. Follow the $$. Peace out.

  • Whyzat

    U should look up sheeple on the net. I have been declared sane by a psychiatrist. You may be a Targeted Individual soon. No one is immune.

  • Naia McCoy

    Wow, is it no wonder the world is going to hell in a hand basket? I doubt that any of you can read a scientific journal or probably even had a microbiology class. I am so sick of the sleeping idiots! Amazing! Simply amazing! This country thrives on stupidity. Go turn your television on, drink a beer, eat a big mac and then have a heart attack! ugggh. If they gave you the proof from an autopsy…you would still be in denial! Bankers, Doctors…you’re next sleeping sheeples! buahahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Now take your shot and shut up! Oh, I forgot they don’t give vaccines that lobotomize!

  • Naia McCoy

    Hey, now there is a thought. Isn’t that what Hitler did? oh, never mind…shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

  • Naia McCoy

    You don’t read much…do ya Jimbo!

  • Richard Toth

    My son was born in the Philippines and 32. My late wife and I adopted him when he was about 2. About 7 years ago he was diagnosed with Hep B, almost assuredly contracted it as an embryo or infant, the worst times as the body doesn’t fight it like an adult who gets it. Hep B is a devastating disease that can destroy a liver and life so what you believe is against all scientific and doctoral studies. It is not known to what extent he has liver damage but having the virus increases his chances for all kinds of liver issues. People who are against vaccinations because of their conspiracy theories, rumors, a story that they heard, or some other strange reason endanger all the citizens if they don’t immunize their children or themselves.

  • Cuchulain

    Hitler didn’t ban guns • Godwin’s Law

    There is a concept called ‘Godwin’s Law.’ It observes that virtually every debate regarding public policy will ultimately degrade to evoking Hitler or Nazis as a means to discredit the opposing view.

    Consequently Hitler has been credited with everything from banning God from government schools to outlawing gun ownership. It should be noted that Hitler’s rise to power can be attributed to the skillful use of the media rather than violent force.

    Furthermore, Hitler was wildly popular in Germany and faced little opposition. He had no need to ban guns among the general population. The threat of armed revolution among the populace was non-existent and violent street crime, typical in today’s America, was highly unusual among the orderly and well-behaved German culture.

    Unlike most world leaders, Hitler toured the nation in an open vehicle, undeterred by the prospect of being taken out by a crazed gunman. The last American president who did that was John F. Kennedy.

    While Hitler’s socialist and fascist policies are anathema to liberty-loving republicans, no one can argue with his success at reviving Germany’s post-war economy. It is, therefore, foolish to make untrue attributions to Hitler, or anyone, for that matter. Misquoted history will eventually be discredited.

  • Cuchulain

    “And how exactly are they killing and maiming people every year?” When an obese person is prescribed narcotics in order to control obesity that otherwise could be controlled by proper diet and nutrition. That’s one way the pharmaceutical industry in conjunction with don’t give a damn doctors is killing people. Ask me a tough one.

  • Jimmy999999

    What the fuck does that have to do with vaccines? Try to follow the conversation.

  • Jimmy999999

    The fact that you had to even mention that you went to a shrink to declare yourself sane is telling enough. How he fuck would I become this mythical targeted person? Based on a bogus username on a message board? Go feed your dozen cats.

  • RJ O’Guillory

    …when you place the issue only within the realm of profit and loss in terms of dollars…you are really doing a poor job of trolling for your masters. You should return some of your paycheck to whomever is paying you to spout such idiocy. If there were no harm from vaccines… they wouldn’t have set up a corrupt, secret, government court that is supposed to protect people from the ravages of this idiotic product. If there is really no harm done by vaccines…why the need for the court again? Of course they put mercury into vaccines…as well as aluminum and other bio-materials that they have no idea regarding the unintended consequences. But I’ll make you a deal…all of you that support mandatory vaccination. If you vaccinate my child against my will…(or theirs)…and they become ill…or die…then I get to file suit against you…and select one of your family members to inflict the same type of outcome upon. We could break your child’s spine…and put them in a wheelchair for life? Oh, think that is unreasonable? Well…the poor parents who has to take care of their disabled, yet previously perfectly happy little child…how do you presume they would feel about your forcing that hell on their little kid?

  • Jimmy999999

    Wow you must be fun at parties. I love how your tiny faction (less than 1% of the population) always thinks that people who disagree with your off the wall beliefs are all paid shills. Imagine how much money that would take for Pharma to pay us all? But good luck with breaking children’s spines or whatever that odd rant was about.

  • Jimmy999999

    Cool story. Care to elaborate?

  • Jimmy999999

    What’s sad is that you believe that the government or friggin Pharmaceutical companies paid to have an assassin take these people out. Makes zero sense.

  • Jimmy999999

    Really riveting stuff here.

  • Jimmy999999

    Wow! Hundreds of thousands of other people died this month around the world too. What’s your point?

  • RJ O’Guillory

    …I knew you couldn’t address the question logically….empty…empty…empty… and an enemy of freedom….RJ

  • Jimmy999999

    Oh ok, and what you spouted off about some sort of disillusioned eye for an eye violence against children is totally logical. And I’m not saying that a tiny percentage of children don’t have a reaction to vaccines. Of course they do on occasion. But then again, there’s a better chance of getting into 25 consecutive car accidents before 1 “vaccine injury” as you people like to call it. So I’ll take my chances of its for the good of society.

  • Tonggie9
  • Tonggie9

    Google Raja Fayad MD South Carolina….This is a very suspicious muder

  • Cuchulain

    That’s like saying vaccines have nothing to do with the pharmaceutical industry. You’re a moron Jimmy. A vulgar one at that.

  • Jamie

    That is my hometown and my alma mater – he was killed in a murder suicide by his ex-wife. What have you heard suspicious about that?

  • Tonggie9

    I just don’t believe that is the case.

  • Jimmy999999

    Why am I a moron? I replied to a specific comment. You are the one that made a generalization about drugs. If you don’t stay on topic in comment sections the whole thing is pointless. And cry me a river about being vulgar.

  • Jimmy999999

    His ex-wife killed him as part of a murder-suicide. So how does this tie in to any loony conspiracy theory?

  • Cyndi Adams


  • Cyndi Adams


  • Cyndi Adams

    OK THEN WHO???????

  • Cyndi Adams


  • Cyndi Adams


  • Cyndi Adams

    ALL I CAN SAY IS YOU ARE A F O O L !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Cyndi Adams


  • Cyndi Adams


  • Jimmy999999

    Why are you yelling? Ok you win, you have capslocked me to death.

  • Cyndi Adams


  • Cyndi Adams


  • Jimmy999999

    What vaccines are you or your children getting that are administered intravenously? There are none. And of course I didn’t mean they are injected into the brain. My point was that there is no mercury in vaccines any more other than flu shot, which last I checked isn’t given to newborns.
    By the way you still have your caps lock on.

  • Cyndi Adams

    ALL I CAN SAY IS BOY ARE YOU DECEIVED !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Cyndi Adams


  • Cyndi Adams


  • Cyndi Adams


  • Cyndi Adams


  • Richard Toth

    Ronald Wilson Reagan 666. His address in CA when he left the White House was 666 and it was changed to 667. I get a kick out of the GOP and their fanatics condemning Obama and even still saying he wasn’t born here yet Ted Cruz was not born in the USA and technically McCain and Goldwater weren’t either. And when Schwarzeneggar was getting popular they wanted to change the law so people born in foreign countries could run for President. Most countries wisely allow it incidentally.

  • RJ O’Guillory

    …but it was the…”extreme”…of my analogy that brought out the stupidity of your position. You have now moved from…”benefits society…harms no one”…to…”of course they do on occasion”….and…”So I’ll take my chances of its for the good of society…” That is quite the slippery-slope you have there Jimmy-boy…and you think that you…or someone else who will profit off the decision-making here…and the follow-on monopolies that will form….you think we should just bend over and take it? Not going to happen…if I had school age kids…they would be in private school asap. You see, people like you are always willing to risk other people’s kids or property in order to indulge your fantasies about what you think society should be like…but most of you are simply bullies who get-off trying to control people. Sad that we cannot find a vaccine to get rid of sociopaths such as yourself…now that I would applaud a mandatory approach with…ha…ha…ha…ha..(just joking… I’m all about liberty and choice)

  • Jimmy999999

    Yes, based off our conversation I am TOTALLY the sociopath here. God I can’t wait to collect my Pharma check…

  • Jimmy999999

    Typical solution for the crazy anti-vax, tin foil hat wearers. “Just go away!” Too bad this isn’t Facebook where you can just kick anyone with an opposing view out of the group rather than just deal with those opinions. Caps lock is still on FYI.

  • Jimmy999999

    Why would I or anyone take all the vaccines all at once? What does this comment even mean? CAPS Lock

  • Gail Seib

    If vaccines were safe and did what they say they do, then NO ONE who was vaccinated would be in fear of someone who is not vaccinated. The fact that they have gone so far to make everyone vaccinated and make everyone fear the unvaccinated is a good indication that vaccination is not necessary. Why don’t we study how many unvaccinated people are dying from these diseases nowadays. Anyone interested in possibilities as to where SOME cancers may come from should read Dr Mary’s Monkey or search for interviews with Ed Haslem. Sometimes it is wise to at least know what the possibilities are. The fact that brave doctors are dying in their attempt to help us is cause for incredible alarm.

  • Whyzat

    Poor Wendy . you are a sheeple. Educate yourself. There are people, American citizens, being killed for many reasons, and no reason, by our government. Read Dr Robert Duncan’s books. He helped develop the technologies and realized they were being used against American citizens. I heard Bill Gates admit that vaccines are for population control. I am a Targeted Individual. Look it up. These threats are real. Believe me, they intend to wipe out most of us “useless eaters. You are next in line at some point. Remain blissfully ignorant til they pick you.

  • Whyzat

    OMG. Mercury gets into the brain from the vaccination. It’s injected into the body and penetrates the blood brain barrier. Whether thru vaccination, eating mercury ladden food or other ways. You are either a schill or a moron. Sheeple…..

  • Whyzat


  • RJ O’Guillory

    ….you’ve lost the discussion here jimmy….and you are unable to bully me into accepting your fascist point-of-view…that must be frustrating…eh?

  • Whyzat

    He’s got to be a shill. Nobody is that dim witted. U must like talking to fence posts cz he’s definitely one.

  • Whyzat

    Cyndi is using capslock cz she wants large type hoping it will get through to you. Waste, since you refuse to even consider that she may be right. Pharma cares about that two percent no matter how many people are harmed by their vaccines.

  • Jimmy999999

    For the last time, I know they don’t inject into the brain. My point is that outside of some flu shots, there is no Mercury in vaccines any more. None that newborns get that’s for sure.

  • Jimmy999999

    Yes I’m so frustrated. Me and the other 99.5% of the population will just have to find a way to keep living our lives.

  • Whyzat

    U said I was paranoid schizo so that was my reply. I went bcz family thought I should take a chill pill and pretend it’s not true. Well family have found out enough to realize I’m not schizo. Anyone can be targeted for any or no reason. They just want people to target so they can experiment with their technologies. Directed energy weapons. There are patents for these technologies. You don’t have to take my or anyone else’s word for it. If you want to learn about it, the information is readily available. Books by Dr John Hall, Dr Robert Duncan, who helped develop these technologies. He quit when he realized they were being used against American citizens. There is a wealth of credible information available. But you would rather troll forums and deny deny deny than try to educate yourself about this real and present danger.

  • Whyzat

    Because the hit was set up to look like murder suicide. Duh….

  • Whyzat

    You make zero since, sheeple troll.

  • Whyzat

    I agree with all you say, but think Obama is just their Patsy. He will disappear when his usefulness to them is over. IMO.

  • Whyzat

    Misquoted history eventually becomes history. Revisionists. Unfortunately most of what is now taught in schools is revisionist.

  • Whyzat

    They will kill us all anyway. I prefer to be aware. If more people tried to be aware and speak out, we wouldn’t be in this position. Go hide under your bed. They will find you there….

  • Jimmy999999

    Are you sure you aren’t just living out the Mel Gibson character from the movie Conspiracy Theory?

  • Jimmy999999

    So you’re saying I troll sheeple? That doesn’t make sense.

  • Jimmy999999

    Oh ok. Couldn’t just be what is looks like at face value..always a conspiracy behind it.

  • Whyzat

    OK Jimmy. I gave you enough information that you could discover the truth for yourself. If you prefer to remain ignorant, that’s your choice. I honestly feel sorry for you and the rest of the sheeple that refuse to educate themselves.

  • RJ O’Guillory

    …James…James…James…your numbers are a bit off. Recent polling and data collection show that a full 66 % of Americans do not believe the government on 911…and other…”conspiracies”…and a full 90 % think the government is corrupt as hell. So….buddy…it is you that is in the intellectual minority here…ha!

  • Jimmy999999

    Right, cause those two random names of authors selling books to tin foil hat wearers like you is really great research.

  • Jimmy999999

    The 99.5% was in specific reference to vaccination. I’ll actually agree with you on the government being corrupt as hell. But that 66% stat with 9/11 is in no way real.

  • Whyzat

    Those weren’t random names. They are just a credible starting point. U don’t want to look into anything because you prefer to remain ignorant, and spout your ignorance on these forums for all to see. Enjoy your ignorance Jimmmy. Goodbye and goodluck

  • Jimmy999999

    It just amazes me that you folks will harp on about “following the money” when it comes to doctors and drug companies, but you’ll blindly follow the musings of any person selling a book that shares your opinion.

  • Jimmy9999… etc. who isn’t brave enough to post his or her real name. I never made such a claim. FYI: 2 of the doctors were MD’s. The other a DC with a PhD from Harvard. Please refrain from calling 3 doctors who have just died- “quacks” Remember, “What Peter says Paul tells you more about Peter than Paul” And your words speak volumes about your character (or lack thereof) Good day.

  • IsReal

    Well revelation must be fulfilled, I’d be happy to lose my head for Jesus.

  • RJ O’Guillory

    …no, really…it is real…a poll from a couple months or so back…(I have memory problems due to epilepsy and related seizures)…but that is a true, allegedly non-partisan poll that shows that alternative media is having a devastating effect on their corrupted-MSM reported BS 911 narrative. Architects and Engineers for 911 truth are also having a huge impact on the public’s opinion of these blatant acts of treason. But really…only 30-36 % or so believe the government’s version of 911…and of the ones who buy into some of it…only about 12 % buy into the whole story…

  • NeoIlluminatus

    No, he never banned guns from the German populace. Only Jews were banned from owning guns, and they WERE forced to turn them over to the authorities. Yet you’re right about how easy it was for him to do so, as most value creating Jews didn’t carry guns after the first World War. Facts prevail.

  • NeoIlluminatus

    These three doctors were all being considered for testifying about the dangers of vaccines! And Dr. Bradstreet was a great inspiration for the Autism community and its advocates. How strange does this seem now?

  • NeoIlluminatus

    This country is Not going to “Satan” or any other silly superstitious beliefs, it’s returning to the Constitutional Government and Country!

  • NeoIlluminatus

    Nonsense! The Earth and its people are returning to the Constitutional Government and Country…we are returning to God, though a more loving and beneficial “God” than your buy-bull leads you to be-LIE-ve.

  • NeoIlluminatus


  • NeoIlluminatus

    You’re too much of an idiot to see what an idiot you are! You may pass, but this world is finally coming back to its rightful place in the Universe of Universes.

  • NeoIlluminatus

    We are not most countries! Obama is an illegal alien Sharia Muslim White House Squatter who came here on the Rhodes Scholarship and overstayed his trip. Beyond the BC, the reason why he was never even eligible to RUN for POTUS is because of his father not being a Natural Born Citizen, idiots! He’s simply the first illegal alien to be the CEO of the United States Corporation! Our country doesn’t exist. Pick up a book or something, because you’re not right in the head.

  • NeoIlluminatus

    And this makes three more vaccination experts about to testify against vaccines dead. P.S. u r an idiot!

  • Rachael

    For crazy people like you?

  • hank hawk

    If you do any reading in the Holy Bible you will see that Satan is a deceiver and liar and his biggest wish is for people to believe that he doesn’t exist. As can seen on this board, that deception is working perfectly with some deluded people who have no awareness beyond the propaganda being put out by our government and corporations who are totally in for the control and financial gain from uninformed people (sheeple) who are either ignorant, lazy or simply don’t care about their freedoms.

  • Omar Nasserziayee

    You. Are. An. Idiot . . . .

  • chemfreemom

    So, did they say how your baby got hep b? It can only be contracted by sexual contact, needles, or perhaps catching it from a mother who has it, during birth. Since I doubt your baby was having sex or using needles, can I assume that his mother had it?

  • chemfreemom

    Actually, there are 7 Vax with thimerosal listed as an ingredient, another 7 listed with “trace amounts” of thimerosal, and 6 or 7 that have both Aluminum AND Thimerosal ( this is important because Aluminum bolsters the effects of thimerosal, which why the product sheet for thimerosal specifically lists aluminum as a substance not to be used with it). Also, “trace amounts” refers to up to 300 ppb (0.3), and the EPA considers a liquid with 200 ppb as “hazardous.” And, that is for Methyl mercury, ingested. Thimerosal contains Ethyl mercury, which is injected. Studies show that Ethyl mercury is 50 times more toxic than Methyl mercury. And, it doesn’t even take into account how much more harmful it is when injected, as opposed to ingested, because it crosses the blood-brain barrier, and bypasses all the bodily systems in place to remove toxins.

  • chemfreemom

    Where and how did you come up with that? Show me ANY proof that you’re more likely to have 25 accidents than a vaccine injury? And, if you don’t like to call an illness or condition the government pays compensation for because it was determined to be caused by a vaccine a “vaccine injury,” then what would you call it? Seems like a reasonable and accurate term to me.

  • Antonia

    Obama DOES have “marital law” in effect – same-sex marriage law!
    (Not meaning to be petty, but I’m upset about this, as well as the deaths of the three alternative doctors!)

  • Joe Boss

    Obama, Monsanto and Hillary are the Prime.

  • Matthew

    First off, I’d like to say thank you for sharing your dissenting point of view from the main stream view point and understanding of past events in Nazi Germany. It’s really empowering to see other people show healthy skepticism to the system that was so clearly crafted off the social propaganda knowledge shared to this world through Hitler and various other sources. Our country is obviously no exception to this rule of propaganda and we should always be on the lookout for possible false information. Or at least be willing to challenge ourselves (:

    Now, I did also want to touch on your argumentative strategy here though of invoking as your first sentence “Hitler didn’t ban guns – Godwin’s Law”. Now, I’m not sure how much logic and abstract mathematical reasoning you were exposed to in your education but I, being a computer scientist, was quite burdened with these tasks. I developed in turn my own interests in the categories so I ended up spending quite a bit of time with these incredibly complex ideas and their solutions. One thing these classes and problems required as a basis though was a strong and solid foundation in logic and proper reasoning skills.

    With that said. Simply evoking Godwin’s law in no shape, manner, or fashion does anything to refute the argument. You are committing a logical fallacy here by using a logical fallacy, Godwin’s Law, to refute your opponent’s position. You’re essentially using two wrongs to make a right. If you’re confused, don’t worry, it’s quite the undertaking with logical fallacies, especially this twister of truth we’ve got here.

    First, by calling this idea/concept a law, one has successfully fooled half the people that hear of this idea. I’m personally unaware of any “laws” pertaining to human interaction, so that word itself is very misleading.

    Second, it states “virtually every”. Virtually meaning “not really”. So it’s more like “this happens not really every time, but often enough to ignorantly call it a law”.

    Third, because it happens with “virtually every” debate, this would imply there ARE sometimes when this law isn’t applicable. Now there’s two instances for which this law wouldn’t apply. Those are:
    1. The debate doesn’t devolve to using Hitler
    2. It’s not to discredit the opponent in a illogical manner, but rather, to inspire

    more critical thought on the proposition.

    I know 2 might seem similar to discrediting an opponent but it’s not. Discrediting would be closer to something like poisoning the well. They would basically be trying to get the audience to immediately dismiss your proposition solely on the ground of the logical fallacy that “Hitler did it!”.

    For future reference though, IF the counter-argument is true and Hitler did in fact use the object of governance in question, then one SHOULD very much be careful with passing such a law or reformation.

    Of course no knife is inherently evil. But if you give it to the right person, it can quite easily support the cause. Thanks for reading this and I wish you well in your future endeavors! Always be diligent in your understanding and never stop seeking the truth (:

  • Joe Boss

    Doctors need to arm themselves. Sound like a Corporate or Pharmaceutical engineered murder for hire.

  • Mrs Chattles

    Starting to look a lot like Russia

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  • KAY

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  • seminol

    Yes, the fascist cartel big pharma+regime are massively killing Americans.

  • Krazee Red

    Notice you keep hearing about a “One World Government”? Then they are changing our currency? Also a lot of articles about those vaccines mentally crippling children and teens. Then there is Flouride, they have said it is linked to Autism. Humm? Chemtrails of poisons that keep the human mind in a fog. If they can “Dumb Us Down” enough, they can get away with anything.. It would be like leading lambs to a slaughter. Sounds crazy, right? You’ve heard of “Depopulation”, right? Do you know that our Government has a patent on the AIDS virus? Also did you know our Government has done experiments on people in South America and Hilary Clinton spoke out against it. (That is the only positive thing I’ve read about her.) This wasn’t that long ago. Someone mentioned Bill Gates and how he spoke of “Depopulation and vaccines”. I watched that video myself. So when you put all these puzzle pieces together it makes a frightening picture. Most people would rather deny anything this horrific could be going on. Not our Government! We have been taught that this is the land of the free. But are we really? Anyone mentions “mind control” and they are labeled a nut. Then the movies show a person walking around stiff legged like Frankenstein portraying what “mind control” looks like. No no no, the brain washing has already been done at an early age. Now what about the Georgia Guide Stone? Someone spent a lot of money to have this erected and no one knows who. Also written on this “stone” there is a population limit. Then add the stories about the “Secret Government”, the true leaders of this world. Obama opens our borders and we are flooded with illigals who are bringing in TB and a whole slew of other diseases. Good excuse to use for their reasoning to force vaccines. This is a long thought out plan. Conspiracy? Decide for yourself, I won’t tell you what to believe. We’ve been told how to think and what to believe as fact since we were children. Open your eyes or keep them shut? Free will to choose!

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  • Heather

    They wont KILL us all – they cant make money off dead people – they want everyone to be on some sort of drug – that way their profits never stop – its truly that simple. They make money off of sick people or convincing people they are sick

  • John

    Instead of Trolling, why don’t you bring some riveting stuff.

  • John

    Exactly. And more than likely they will have him assassinated before he leaves office to get their race war started.

  • John

    Especially since most of the shooters in these Drills Gone Live are on Pharmaceutical Anti-Depressants. Their own literature states that these drugs drive .005 percent of the population absolutely crazy.

  • John

    Everyone on this site realizes your a Troll.

  • All 3 had resided here. But Dr. Bradstreet had recently moved to the neighboring state of Georgia and his body found in North Carolina in a river. (RIP) the other 2 were found dead here in Florida and may they RIP (2 more missing now too sadly- 2 more MD’s) hope they are found alive and well.

  • I’ve had 210K shares on this piece and many people though the original version was insensitive with no emotion. I find nothing wrong with saying that they are survived by a beautiful family or wife and children. Thanks for the criticisms though from an anonymous account no less. RIP to the 3 doctors and hope the 2 new MD’s missing are found soon.

  • If you have any info about this please send to me on my contact page on this site or feel free to share links here. XO thanks Suzanne. erin

  • I think you’ve already made your point and your insensitive posts speak volume about your character.

  • Excuse me? “most likely a hit arranged by her sister and husband”? Seriously? really. I’ve seen it all now 🙁

  • Jimmy is banned now. He began harassing and trolling all over the place (anonymously but of course) My apologies for not seeing this sooner

  • So sorry for your son’s Hep B. I’m adopted too, but the good news is that now (big shocker here!) we can make sure the mom is Hep B negative and other big shocker. SO long as she’s negative then we needn’t inject a newborn with vaccinations because wow, what a concept- unless your child has sex or shoots up with needles it’s highly unlikely they’ll get Hep B. geez even my pro vax relatives don’t do the hep B at birth.

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  • Terry

    Florida is crawling with organized crime.

  • Richard Toth

    The health care is non-existent for millions of Filipinos, and millions in India and in many countries in South America and Africa, and China. That lack of care and the benefit of science and vaccinations is what is causing these diseases to spread throughout much of the rest of the world. That’s why Americans need these vaccinations so it it less likely to spread to Americans who come who are not given the shots and also to Americans who are foolish or brainwashed into thinking that vaccinations are bad. They have countless millions of people from the various hepatitis diseases, measles, smallpox, etc.

  • klim Ritter

    Brings up the Frank Olson case in 1953 New York.
    The family of a US government scientist who fell to his death from a New York hotel window six decades ago have launched a lawsuit for damages against the CIA, alleging the agency was involved in his murder and a subsequent cover-up.

    In one of the most notorious cases in the organisation’s history, bioweapons expert Frank Olson died in 1953, nine days after he was given LSD by agency officials without his knowledge.

    In the lawsuit, filed in the US district court in Washington on Wednesday, Olson’s sons Eric and Nils claim their father was murdered after he witnessed extreme interrogations in which the CIA killed suspects using the biological agents he had developed.

  • Imogene

    Your spelling and grammar are atrocious. Journalist? I think not.

  • Seabreezes1

    “Without Freedom of Thought, there can be no such thing as Wisdom; and no such thing as Public Liberty, without Freedom of Speech.” – Benjamin Franklin

    That the mainstream media is silent on this is as sobering as the draconian government endorsements of questionable science and AMA & ADA bullying tactics. For some extremists, it is a small step from gagging our freedom of speech and rights to informed medical consent with dogma, policy and law to murder.

  • Seabreezes1
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  • ang

    There are still those that are honest, and fight, god bless all of them…. they all travel to heaven, ie carry heaven in their hearts, the others, the liars, the greedy bastards, the liars and the corrupt pharmaceutical industry, and the “””old boys club” called government, et al……that gets called free, and successful enterprise USA? …. well they will go to hell….( and I hope they carry the guilt and hell in their hearts), ……………… I will meet the zoloft bastards in hell, cause thats where I want to go, they murdered my baby with their zoloft……….. Yes an unwitting guinea pig, first in Australia, took the drug as I even read in the big pharmacy book “no bad effects noted in newborns of mothers taking the drug” translated? The pfizer made sure no women likely to be pregnant, or become pregnant, were included in any trials……….. ie translation is “no bad birth defects noted in any women taking the drug, because we never tested for this””. I unexpectedly fell pregnant, got off the durg within first 10 weeks of pregnancy……….my baby was born healthy, died in agony 3 days later……..
    Yeah, I will meet the makers of zoloft in hell .

  • ang

    And yeah,he got the country out of a depression, refused to repay all the post war debts, that were crucifying his country. He got the industries of Germany working again. He was a great economist,,, ah yeah but then he started taking all those drugs… just like more than 1 in 8 take in USA now! and wonder why you have crazy mass murderers? Oh well? Common denomiator? Prescribed fully legal drugs…….

  • ang

    Being a computer expert, as I am, doesnt mean you have to “speak the speak” ie talk garbage and “big words”.

    quote””For future reference though, IF the counter-argument is true and Hitler did in fact use the object of governance in question, then one SHOULD very much be careful with passing such a law or reformation.”” directly quoted from you, dear sit… my reply? beg pardon????

  • ang

    Keep trying, they cant kill all of us…….. they may murder our children, with poisons, but it is like the french revolution, let them eat cake…………… the politicians, the drug producers are so out of touch with reality, the truth has caught up with them, they can no longer hide…………. in their stupid panic, they still try to obliterate the truth, too damn late. All my sincere sympathies to those, who have suffered a loss, like myself, and to those that spoke out, in defiance of the bullies and the lies, may they rest in peace in heaven, and eventually look down on earth, and realise the greatness their sacrifice has done.

  • ang

    Keep trying, they cant kill all of us…….. they may murder our children, with poisons, but it is like the french revolution, let them eat cake…………… the politicians, the drug producers are so out of touch with reality, the truth has caught up with them, they can no longer hide…………. in their stupid panic, they still try to obliterate the truth, too damn late. i dont care, they have already killed my soul, shoot me if they want…. I watched my child die in agony……………All my sincere sympathies to those, who have suffered a loss, like myself, and to those that spoke out, in defiance of the bullies and the lies, may they rest in peace in heaven, and eventually look down on earth, and realise the greatness their sacrifice has done.

  • I am so sorry. No one should have to see their child die. Rest in peace to your angel. Yes, let’s hope they find the missing two doctors right now find alive and well and thinking of you XO

  • Dear Genius who has been trolling my page endlessly. The Sheriff and investigators already said this was a targeted murder. Not a home invasion. see video top of article. Best to quit while you’re ahead .. https://www.healthnutnews.com/3rd-alternative-prominent-doctor-from-florida-found-dead-in-2-weeks-authorities-say-md-was-murdered/

  • This is a total shot in the dark here, but perhaps the families of the 6 dead doctors and and ones of the 2 missing doctors? Just a guess.

  • Rick

    Um ….he’s dead

  • DM

    Good points. One minor modification: Hitler “didn’t face little opposition” so much as remove any opposition that threatened to become significant in any way.

  • DM

    I can’t help noticing that the majority of replies here have very little to do with the subject at hand.

  • DM

    The one not right in the head is you, my friend. Obama’s mother was American and that is sufficient to qualify him as an American citizen and make him eligible to run for president. Does not matter whether he was born within the US or not. Don’t get your information from wing nuts.

  • DM

    Only those who threaten them in some way, evidently.

  • Matthew

    Hey Ang (: Thanks for asking me to clarify. I’ll be happy to elaborate. And sorry for using the unnecessary big words, I’ve been reading a lot lately from various Authors and a lot of their odd phrasings seemed to have rubbed off on me.

    Anyhow, I was trying to hint at how a default counter-argument, one that gets called upon without fully thinking on the issue at hand, can often lead to informal logical fallacies. Another big pathway to these informal fallacies, or simply false conclusions, is using emotional appeal, which humorously enough, is an informal logical fallacy itself.

    So here the counter-argument provided was Godwin’s Law. It was used to almost immediately dismiss the opponent’s point of view, which is so beautifully ironic Shakespeare probably just rolled over in his grave. Now, they could very well be correct in their assumptions and say that by using Hitler to discredit the political reform of gun control is uncalled for. But that’s not the problem with this logical fallacy. The problem is that tries to almost immediately dismiss the possibility that perhaps, the usage of Hitler isn’t at all out-of-place and actually a very good relevant idea that must be discussed before any reform gets enacted.

    And that’s what I was trying to say in that quote. Something along the lines of “if, perhaps, Hitler did in fact outlaw guns and weapons as a means to subtly allow for easier submission of the German people, as this correlation is quite intuitive, then this issue, almost by virtue of not repeating the same mistake twice, should be fully investigated”. That is to say, just because a debate dissolves to arguments using Hitler’s own agenda, doesn’t necessarily mean the debate has dissolved at all, but rather evolved by the usage of history and our documented records of possible evils with certain reformations.

    I hope this helps Ang! And thanks again for asking me to clarify!!! I truly believe principles like these, and others found in the New Testament, are what Jesus taught and exactly how we should strive in our own lives. Lord knows I’ve asked for clarifications from the McDonald’s Drive Thru line, so it should be no wonder that in these intellectual conversations, asking for clarification is our ally, and not something we should avoid. Have a blessed day (:

  • terry mc

    Are you all whacked out or what? There are 10s of thousands of alternative practitioners for crying out loud! I don’t trust Big Pharma, the FDA, or the EPA, but “hit squads” — really!? Its that kind of crap that scares me. If there is a connection between these deaths, its likely one of you toting a gun and an ax to grind over some deluded idea of wrong done to you. Damn serial killer with a conspiracy mental disorder.

  • terry mc

    Thank you. And making backflip logical gymnastics on the process

  • terry mc

    Wow, you are serious!

  • terry mc

    Ok, I’m with Rachael, time to find a sight where whackjobs are running rampant or their mouths off with ignorance.

  • terry mc

    Really any? Periods and commas ALWAYS go inside quotation marks with only one exception. But, really, Matthew, Any doesn’t violate “informal” logocal fallcies but at least 3 of the 10 rules of logic, not the least of which is relevancy.

  • terry mc

    Sorry I mean Ang

  • terry mc

    Time to get back to reality. Obama is an illegal alien, whoa! I thought you whackos gave up.

  • Frank Castle

    ever hear of Vince Foster?? uh huh..

  • Frank Castle

    Study how Obama WON his first elections into public office.. he did not “defeat” his opponents.. he got them “removed from the ballots”… hnmmm

  • Allahu Akbar

    Touch a nerve Terry? I didn’t say I was going to…Just saying nothing is going to change until something drastic happens.

  • MisterLiteral

    You’re not serious are you?

    This site is a parody. This article is a farce. The video is edited horribly, cutting off what the officer was saying, taking his comments completely out of context, then a random narrator fills in whatever the editor wanted the article to be about.

  • Martin_Galts_Gulch

    Alright, after your first reply to me I had to find out what
    you’re all about. It’s obvious. You’re a lyin’ sack of crap.

  • @misterliteral:disqus First off, the video is embedded straight word for word from Emmy Award winning Fox 4 news. So you’ll have to blame a network if you don’t like how it was filmed you’ll have to blame the TELEVISION station who knew Dr. Sievers as they are local to where she lived. My article states nothing but facts. The facts about Dr. Bradstreet being found in a river with a gunshot wound, facts of Dr Hedendal being found dead slumped over in his car (no accident etc) and the fact of Dr. Sievers being murdered brutally with a hammer. I guess you missed the memo that the Sheriff in this video has gone on to say that it was A) TARGETED and B) when the facts come out books and movies will be written it’s such a “huge” story with many intricacies. So again, all I’ve stated is facts. Please don’t libel me and call the article false. Someone just told me I should give your name to the sheriff as you look suspicious but the authorities are surely reading this (notice nearly a half of a million shares and the very news station whose video I shared has now aired my story pictures and my articles even though I never said they are connected beyond THREE doctors from Florida being found dead within less than 2 weeks and now FIVE more missing in that time span. I think Channel 4 did a great job at editing the video. But you keep telling yourself me writing strictly facts is a “farce” and an emmy award news channel are bad editors. Who are you again? I’ll have to go take a hard look at your IP address. Your posts are suspicious and raising eyebrows.

  • @Martin_Galts_Gulch:disqus that about sums him up. I wonder who we are dealing with here. Looking up his IP address now.

  • Martin_Galts_Gulch

    Sorry to intrude on your site, but I’m glad I found it!
    Nice place.

    A “private” profile doesn’t really mean private and
    I followed this guy here from another site where
    he was telling lies / spreading propaganda – I had
    to see if it was a pattern. It is.

  • I think @Martin_Galts_Gulch:disqus summed it up nicely. @misterliteral:disqus The video is straight from Emmy Award winning Fox’s channel 4 site. So I guess the mainstream news must have a conspiracy. Furthermore, after I broke this tragic story- they actually picked up my piece so my story is on there, NBC AND ABC. It’s not a farce. I stated facts only so please cut the libel. I think we should take a good hard look at your IP address. . Because with about a quarter million views on just this one article in the series that I wrote and many millions of views? I’d say there are many eyes on this page and many raised eyebrows..

  • @misterliteral:disqus Ah you keep erasing my posts. Not anymore! And try to be a little nicer up there in Illinois you CEG’er. Listen, The video is STRAIGHT from the Emmy Award winning site from Fox Channel 4. If you don’t like the way the TV station edited it (who knew Dr S and are local to her murder) that’s not my problem. Secondly, my article is not a “farce” and is 100% factual from the 3 doctors found dead in less than a week (and another FIVE missing right now in that same time span which I’ve also written about) all 3 from here in Florida. THe first found with a gunshot wound to his chest in a river, the second, a healthy athlete found dead slumped over in his car no accident, the third murdered in her home and that same Sheriff above? he has also said that it was TARGETED and when “the story comes out” it will be made into “books and movies” so please, my story (as tragic as it might be) has been picked up by the very channel you criticize. It’s also been picked up by NBC and ABC with links to my story which I appreciate. Which is probably why it has millions of views and going on a quarter million shares. Funny you keep erasing my post (you can’t anymore i fixed that- as it’s a response to yours) where I say I hope the authorities (who surely are reading this thread) take a good hard look at your profile and IP address (I know I am- interesting IP) You have something to hide? I think so.

  • @Martin_Galts_Gulch:disqus looks like he’s since made his profile private (though I have his IP and email) and tried to erase my posts, I hope authorities reading this will take a look at the guy. just bad news all around. Peace : ) glad you found me! Welcome! I have had hundreds or more comment on these stories, but something in my intuition tells me this one (out of all of them) is bad news.

  • Martin_Galts_Gulch

    Stay strong – trolls can suck the life out of you if you let ’em.

  • Not sure why my post keeps disappearing on my OWN site that I moderate but

    A) MisterLiteral- Genius. the video is straight from the award winning Fox Channel 4 so you’ll have to take it up with the network. I embedded it right from their site. So first mistake. By the way that sheriff in the video has gone on to say that Dr. Sievers murder was TARGETED and that when it “all comes out” “They will make books and movies about this huge case and it’s “many intricacies” It’s right on television. By the way shout out to that news station who also covered THIS Piece as well as NBC and ABC networks who did too. So I guess someone is listening.
    B) my site is not a parody and article not a farce (please, cut it with the libel) I posted straight facts from the first doctor (all 3 from Florida) found dead within less than 3 weeks. 1st found w gunshot wound to his chest in a river, 2nd super healthy guy just came from an athletic event on Father’s day found dead slumped over in his car C) FIVE MORE missing docs in those same 2 weeks as well.

    C) I find your posts I’ve read so far disturbing and hope the authorities take a good look at your I …. P address (I spaced that out as every time i write it- it disappears)

  • thanks. I banned this guy and i don’t do that often : )

  • Not sure why my post keeps disappearing on my OWN site that I moderate but

    A) MisterLiteral- Genius. the video is straight from the award winning Fox Channel 4 so you’ll have to take it up with the network. I embedded it right from their site. So first mistake. By the way that sheriff in the video has gone on to say that Dr. Sievers murder was TARGETED and that when it “all comes out” “They will make books and movies about this huge case and it’s “many intricacies” It’s right on television. By the way shout out to that news station who also covered THIS Piece as well as NBC and ABC networks who did too. So I guess someone is listening.
    B) my site is not a parody and article not a farce (please, cut it with the libel) I posted straight facts from the first doctor (all 3 from Florida) found dead within less than 3 weeks. 1st found w gunshot wound to his chest in a river, 2nd super healthy guy just came from an athletic event on Father’s day found dead slumped over in his car C) FIVE MORE missing docs in those same 2 weeks as well.

    C) I find your posts I’ve read so far disturbing and hope the authorities take a good look at your I …. P address (I spaced that out as every time i write it- it disappears)

  • Martin_Galts_Gulch

    Look into your settings for flagging. Some Disqus sites
    are set up so that if a comment that is flagged as inappropriate
    as few as three times is automatically deleted. I don’t
    know of any other way someone outside can delete
    a post. Trolls often do this through proxy IP’s. Until the troll
    moves on you might want to keep a copy of your comments
    and re-post them as soon as they’re deleted.

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  • C.c.

    Oh yes they can and they will, been doing it for years too many people. Look at climate change food sources will belong to the government. Can you say hunger games. Keep living in the matrix with your eyes shut. It is the time of the seventh fire it’s happening. Some call it the book of revelations beware the king of the North. He will delete the king of the south.

  • Cece

    And yet another living all good in the matrix

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  • Andy Jay

    Its all hype drummed up by a paranoid press. The missing Drs (all conventional medicine) went missing alongside a lawyer in an area of Mexico that is so violent, 46 students have gone missing recently. Dr Sievers practiced regular medicine alongside some alternative treatments, Fitzpatrick is not an alternative health Dr Hedendal had ripped off the system for hundreds of thousands of dollars and had already been to jail (his death is suspected suicide) and Baron Holt had an an aneurysm. Whiteside was also a regular Doctor. I hate this kind of irresponsible journalism aimed to sensationalize and scare people. 🙁

  • Andy Jay

    yep, as I said earlier…Its all hype drummed up by a paranoid press. The missing Drs (all conventional medicine) went missing alongside a lawyer in an area of Mexico that is so violent, 46 students have gone missing recently. Dr Sievers practiced regular medicine alongside some alternative treatments, Fitzpatrick is not an alternative health Dr Hedendal had ripped off the system for hundreds of thousands of dollars and had already been to jail (his death is suspected suicide) and Baron Holt had an an aneurysm. Whiteside was also a regular Doctor. I hate this kind of irresponsible journalism aimed to sensationalize and scare people. 🙁

  • Andy Jay

    its shocking journalism, isn’t it? just do a quick search through news websites. Its all hype drummed up by a paranoid press. The missing Drs (all conventional medicine) went missing alongside a lawyer in an area of Mexico that is so violent, 46 students have gone missing recently. Dr Sievers practiced regular medicine alongside some alternative treatments, Fitzpatrick is not an alternative health Dr Hedendal had ripped off the system for hundreds of thousands of dollars and had already been to jail (his death is suspected suicide) and Baron Holt had an an aneurysm. Whiteside was also a regular Doctor. I hate this kind of irresponsible journalism aimed to sensationalize and scare people. 🙁

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  • cdpdc

    While I agree with you that there is a ‘Godwin’s Law’ concept where discussions degrade to the Hitler quotes, however your points on Hitler’s Germany are also not entirely accurate.

    There were many attempts on Hitler’s life. He had a very powerful militia(SS) set up around him to immediately deal with any dissent by way of elimination, both in domestic life and regular military. He was popular in the early years – pre-war, but never greater than 42 % of the population supported him. Because people were too afraid to publicly dissent, does not mean ‘support.’

    Hitler was never popular with his Generals, who almost to a man thought he was beneath them. They acted on German discipline and fear of losing their positions. Two of the three armed services had no SS units, the Luftwaffe and Navy.

    Hitler’s architects were successful and had his blessing because he wanted Germany to appear powerful and superior to others. By diverting money away from payments for war damages(the mistake of the West) to infrastructure and his war machine, he gave the people jobs.

    He also had a superior propagandist in Joseph Goebbels brain-washing the population.

    Without a doubt, this was a police state. There was a lot wrong with Germany at this time regardless of a revival of their economy.

  • Cuchulain

    I hope your comments encourage people to do more research in the entire history of WW2 and the major players. Including the financial backers, who happen to have financed all sides from the same group of banks. It is difficult however to do any research without understanding the incredible depth of bias involved in the status quo accounts. The victors write the history.

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  • rod

    Holistic doctors being murdered is drastic???

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  • Terri

    This is in regards to the “Mr Literal” that got banned, I hope you did have his info looked at. I did a search and seems he doesn’t care for Dr’s or anyone against vaccines… Here’s a comment he made a month ago. MisterLiteral AutismDad

    I am sure that you are completely unaware of this little bit of factual information:

    During the time that Wakefield was being paid over £400,000 to do his fraudulent study in order to undermine the MMR vaccine by lawyers that were trying to sue vaccine makers for a large payout, and had no scientific evidence to support their case…

    Wakefield had also applied for two separate patents on vaccines that seperated the MMR vaccine into two doses. Wakefield was trying to contend that it wasn’t the MMR vaccine itself that was the problem, but the combination of the Measles and Mumps combined together. He was trying to make millions (maybe billions) for himself by having the Measles and Mumps vaccines separated. It wasn’t until after he was exposed as a fraud that he started saying all vaccines are unsafe.

    The very foundation of your beliefs on vaccines is based on corruption and greed. How ironic that AV’ers like you cry about those exact same things every time you try to make your weak arguments.

    But then again, for you and other anti-vaxxers, ignoring facts is par for the course.

  • Truth Seeker
  • thanks : ) I cannot remember where you were writing me- but definitely write again. I’ll leave your site link up! E (Better to email me than tweet me)

  • Patrick McGean

    pHarma’s fear that we will say no to their vaccines and their drugs has driven them to make martyrs of these caring doctors. A big mistake which will blow up in your face as your stock values plummet. The
    economy per the one percent ends on my watch. When the rules have been broken we will say no and sue the vaccine manufactures not only out business but we hang a few thousand chemists and all of the CEOs who would do business with the one percent. Even the richest people bleed, and suffocate then
    die when hung. Kill our doctors, welcome to reality where we tear you to pieces with our bare hands, then we will find the journalists who refuse to report these deaths, we will hang you to death. Start reporting before we starting hanging you Benedict Arnold assess.
    For every dead doctor we will end the lives of 5,000 CEOs, chemists and Stockholders,
    Now for those who know about these dead doctors and say nothing, you may be next.
    Anyone who supports vaccinations of any kind are so wrong it could cost you your life, economic feudalism end now.

  • Seabreezes1

    Who knows, at this point. But this is my opinion:

    1) When organizations like the AMA and FDA become overly dogmatic and sanction freedom of speech, it loosens the constraints on the crazies who believe in vigilante justice. Doctors and chiropractors are entitled to speak their minds, and consumers and patients are entitled to informed consent as well as freedom of choice.

    2) Doctors prescribe drugs for long term usage, which is no different than a recommendation to take a supplement or vitamin, except pharmaceutical mistakes are more likely to result in suffering and death. Patients still have freedom of choice, and when things don’t work, people tend to vote with their feet.

    3) The lack of accountability in pharmaceutical companies and governmental agencies is astounding. And the relationships between industries and the regulatory agencies is a recipe for bias and corruption. Example, fluoride industry support dental colleges, ADA works with CDC to promote fluoridation policy. Or overworked FDA declares all current and future GMO as ‘generally regarded as safe’ removing requirement for rigorous testing which it frankly doesn’t know how to do. Or govt mandates vaccination, but removes threat of suit from the corps who manufacture product, assuming limited liability on itself, i.e. taxpayer paid. “When industry and government agree, people suffer.” – Proverb

    FWIW: I couldn’t be any more opposed to fluoridation and GMO, however I am not opposed to vaccinations…. I’m just concerned about the implementation and what the lack of accountability means to the program. Consequently, it comes back to INTEGRITY v. POLITICS, and the question becomes are people with professional integrity being murdered because of politics?

  • Cindy wright

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