34 Year Old Doctor/Cancer Researcher Found Dead in Field

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Doctor/Cancer Researcher Found Dead in Field

We are sorry to report that yet another cancer researcher/doctor has been found dead. This young doctor was from the UK (as were a few others we’ve reported on in recent weeks).

Despite being found dead in a field by a passerby and the fact that the autopsy was inconclusive, the death is not being treated as suspicious. This comes as no surprise as many of the doctors who have been found dead have had their deaths ruled out as suspicious right away (including one UK researcher found hanging in a tree in a rubber suit).

We’ve actually traveled through this area, and it’s a beautiful quiet countryside that is one of the safest places I can think of. I have family in the UK and Europe, and have been in this region more than once without incident.

From the article:

“The body of Dr. Nadeera De Silva was discovered on a patch of land at Old Buckenham, near Attleborough, on Thursday after he had been reported missing.

Yesterday police confirmed his identity and said his death was not being treated as suspicious. (Editor’s note – how can they say that?)

Dr. De Silva, 34, who lived in Stacksford, near Old Buckenham, was a clinical researcher at the MRC Cancer Unit linked to the University of Cambridge.

On behalf of the cancer unit, a university spokesman said: ‘He was a caring and skillful oncologist and, in the third year of his PhD, was already making a great contribution to cancer research, investigating new methods for blood monitoring and treatment for cancer of the oesophagus.

He was above all, a valued colleague and friend who had an open, kind and generous personality and a wonderful laugh. Our thoughts are with his friends and family.'”

Reported missing on Monday, March 7th, his body was discovered on March 10th. A Norfolk Police spokesperson reported that as the initial examination was inconclusive, further tests will now be carried out.

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Source: Diss Express

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  • it says “read the recap of all of the doctors who have died”, but it takes you to the same story of the last one who died.

  • beatriz


  • Barbara Dunn

    It does not look like this Dr. was a holistic Dr. He was doing conventional cancer research at a conventional research institution.

  • kathyamericamatters

    dr bradstreet atlanta ga

  • Lover of Truth

    It never seems to end. They really must not want some truth out there.

  • Lover of Truth

    Yes and the cancer causing agent in certain vaccines is the issue a direct correlation.

  • Su Patterson

    may his truth be published and his passing be made public and is death be an inspration to the suffering ,,may the techno romaon army of pahrutical horror mob docters of ,,all doom be made to clean up this atrosticty of wrongly accussed t…..take them all to international court in the hage for crimes aginst humantiy with hodlng cures,

  • Emmjay

    Like other articles I have seen from this author, no valid reference material at all. Just sign up to get my information/or a rehash of what is already on the page.

  • Nelsonator

    There is a link between several of these doctors. They were working on a new treatment for cancer that is very promising. No big pharma involved.

  • James Peters

    Do you know what it is called?

  • defragmentingthecode

    I believe they were looking into nagalese, and whether this enzyme was intentionally popped in our vaccines as a cancer causing agent.

  • James Peters

    Macrophages can be stirred into action by a small sugar-coated protein (glycoprotein) called GcMAF, which is produced naturally by the body. However a hypothesis put forward by Dr Yamamoto PhD, is that the production of GcMAF is blocked by an enzyme called Nagalase (alpha-N-acetylgalactosaminidase), produced by many cancers. So this would be one of the mechanisms that helps tumours evade the immune system. This has yet to be proven and even if it was then there are many ways cancer can evade the immune system (upregulation of PDL1, CD47 and so on). A clinical trial by Efranat in Israel is ongoing (NCT02052492) and some results have been published. A search for: Abstract B30: A phase 1 open label, dose-escalation trial evaluating the safety and tolerability of EF-022, macrophage activator, in subjects with advanced solid malignancies should bring it up

  • Nina Marrocco

    EVIL Bastards!!! When does this stop!! Time for big pharma to go!!!!! Natural medicine FK their Poisens!!!!

  • Nina Marrocco

    Maybe these drs need to post what they know EVERYWHERE!!!! So that we ALL Know, let them kill us All the Psychos!!!!

  • Cin Hus

    Your link for this article goes back to this same page… (including one UK researcher found hanging in a tree in a rubber suit)

    I did find the article in a search.

    This link did not go to a recap either… read the recap of all the doctors who have died.

  • Tim

    Because a guy hanging dead in a tree in a rubber suit isn’t suspicious at all…

  • Randy Levine

    Squelch those who would heal humanity, nice… Poison the masses under the guise of protecting them, great… Protect your wealth at all costs, wonderful.

  • Linda Lee Stewart

    All my family has died of cancer. They don’t want the cure to be made available. My heart goes out to the his family. It is also sad that such a brilliant person is gone now.

  • Dan Jones

    Coincidence??? No MURDER…..

    Always be a light that is .shininginthedark.

  • Steve Rodriguez

    I use cannabis for my cancer and it works, after 1 operation it came back another operation and chemo and there has been no more tumours now that I’m using cannabis. my doctors know and I have a med card, the police raided my house and almost shot my dog , but i begged them not to. after I showed my ID for medical cannabis they left but now im on their radar and have to stress out if they will storm troop my home or worse steal my home and possesions through forfiture laws. Stress is what makes people ill , thats a proven fact, so what if you get high isn’t feeling good part of recovery? we live in a crazy world, where evil greedy people control everything

  • Christopher Ian

    An uncredentialed unresearched unreferenced charlatan who writes articles about other articles with links to anything to create content. Long time activist? What have you done? A passion for the healing arts working in that arena for a quarter century? Are you a healer? Any credentials? You trained with Bikram, that is you took classes along with 500 others in a large room, you have done Pilates, nice, me too. What is your expertise? Not writing, punctuation or web design, with shoddy work in all these areas. Recent TV and film programs, where? What? for your original work. What is your original work? You are a non credentialed health huckster creating media with linked content, terribly written articles, every one with your name on it, selling ads and joining up with other health idiots, Like the grand master, Joe Mercola.

  • The “recap” link leads to the wrong page; it only lists one person who died, Nadeera De Silva.

  • Donna Bilach

    Agree..it’s called population control

  • Will

    Elites want 8 out of 9 of us dead. Curing cancer is not high on the elite ‘to do’ list.

  • Daniel Moreau

    isn’t time for us to insist that these deaths be properly investigated by qualified forensic scientists…this many coincidences only reaffirms the suspicions of foul play…why is the police not taking this seriously, or conversly, WHO is telling them to bury the investigation? It’s time to demand REAL answers!!

  • Fiona Alford

    Until the elites get the cancer, then we’ll see them start to give a care! Just terrible!

  • Kathleen Redman

    Cancer is curable, and they pink organization knows it. They don’t want a cure…they want a long-term expensive treatment plan to fill their pockets with cold hard cash.

  • Kathleen Redman

    They get the real treatment for it. The population- now we just make money for them through the AMA and Big Pharma. We are expendable in their eyes. Long term expensive treatments for us. They don’t want for us to know the truth.

  • James Peters

    We need to remember that there are 100 to over 250 different types of cancer (the actual number depends on how some researchers subdivide some types) in humans. Each of these different cancers have different genetics, different prognoses, different causes, and different treatments. In other words, it is not one singular disease with one unified course of treatment. Every cancer is so different with such different physiology, there is just never going to be a magic treatment. The mutations will very from cell to cell, tumour to tumour and person to person even within the same type of cancer. Worse still is the fact that their severe chromosomal abnormalities will worsen as the disease progresses. From this link news[DOT]wustl[DOT]edu/news/Pages/22072 ”50 breast cancer tumours were studied but over 1,700 mutations were found. Most of which were unique to the individual.”