32 y/o Holistic Doctor Dies of “Apparent Heart Attack” at Her Home


It is with great sadness that I announce the youngest death out of over 50 doctors who have died suddenly, mysteriously, or were (confirmed) murdered in the last year.

The anniversary of the beginning of this nightmare was just days ago on Father’s Day. It is heartbreaking that we have lost so many wonderful (and mostly holistic) doctors. The latest is the beloved Dr. Michelle Hartley from Michigan who died Monday, June 20th.

From her obituary:

Dr. Michelle M. Hartley died suddenly of an apparent heart attack at her Comstock Park, MI. home Monday, June 20. She was 32.

Born July 19, 1983, in Adrian, Michelle knew at a young age that she wanted to do something to help others. She never wavered from that dream. She graduated from Adrian High School in 2002, attended Albion College and finished her undergraduate degree at Siena Heights University in 2006. From there, Michelle attended Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, IA, and graduated as a Doctor of Chiropractic in Oct. 2009. She specialized in the field of pediatrics. She put her dream into action at Chiro Health in Rockford, MI. where she worked from graduation until 2014. In 2014 she moved into her own office and was affiliated with Michigan Family Chiropractic in Wyoming, MI.

Her patients loved her, she loved her patients, and she loved doing what she had always dreamt of doing – helping people. Michelle also enjoyed reading, traveling to new places, and spending time with her family. Being sandwiched between two brothers, Michelle learned early on the value of compromise and the strength of family.”

Michelle is survived by her parents, Mr and Mrs Hartley of Adrian; her brother , his wife  and her two wonderful nephews Cameron and Jackson of Noblesville, IN.; her brother  of Adrian, four aunts and three uncles.

We removed the names of the family members who survived her including her parents, siblings, aunts, and uncles from this site. Our heart goes out to her family and friends.

We do not know any more details at this time but are receiving messages from those who knew her. We are truly sad as it is apparent she helped them so very much.

See the full timeline here with details, pictures, and links (we haven’t yet added Dr. Hartley).

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Source: Dr. Hartley’s website

Thinking of all the families of the many doctors we have lost. Stay strong.

Erin Elizabeth, E Coast Florida


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Erin Elizabeth


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Disclaimer: This article is not intended to provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.

  • Julie Berry Clark

    Speechless. Who is doing this??!

  • Big pharma

  • Joel W

    Not to sound horrible (although I know this will, but I call em like I see em), but this lady does not look like she was in very good health (looks very overweight in the picture) so this one could actually be a heart attack. Just saying. Let’s all be real here. Its not like the ones with “self-inflicted” gunshots to the chest or other impossible scenarios. The doctor is/was overweight and, duh, that causes heart attacks, even at a young age. RIP regardless, but let’s not make it out to be something it probably is not in this particular situation.

  • shellos8

    Certainly they have not ALL been murdered. People die. All kinds of people, including doctors, die for all kinds of reasons. We all die eventually. So yes, she may have legitimately, yet tragically, died from a health issue. But seriously….when you look at the whole picture, it’s very, very suspicious to say the least. The deaths of each and every one of these doctors does need to be examined so that the whole picture can be put together, studied, investigated by SOMEBODY, someday…. hopefully.

  • Joel W

    Oh I agree with you 100%. Like I said, there was one (or it may have been a banker, but same concept) with a gun shot to the chest, ruled suicide. Obviously murder. Someone recently ‘committed suicide’ by slitting his own throat. Really? Or the ones that according to everyone around, happy etc, that commit suicide. Yea those are all suspect, but all i was saying is just because holistic and early death are in the same story, does not make it one of those incidents, especially when that cause fits with being over weight was all that I was saying. Was just urging people to take a minute to think logically before jumping to conclusions. Now there is the possibility that because of the weight thing, something may have been done to induce the heart attack and nobody would really question it because of said weight.

  • Maybe?

    There are over 400 MD’s per year that die from OD and another 400 killing their-selves, not counting natural causes, car accidents and other causes of death.

    I don’t see these numbers as suspicious. The numbers are not that far out of line with common sense and current statistics. There is simply not enough evidence or numbers to support this.

    Sorry to rain on everyone’s parade, and I am a conspiracy “theorist” by nature because I don’t trust government, nor major corporations, but this does not look like it’s a pattern thus far.

    People die each day, people are murdered every day and no doctor is immune. Even holistic doctors or specialist.

    Here is a captain obvious observation. She is FAT, and fat people die young. It’s simply a fact of life.

  • Sad. People need to do a low fat no oil plant (starch) based diet.

  • Dee

    The Holistic doctors are against forced vaccines, genetic DNA changes, big PHARMA companies, and all the things that are making American’s SICK, ADDICTED, and/or DIE.

  • Dee

    Holistic Doctor’s are against BIG PHARMA companies, Forced Vaccines, and GENETICALLY manufactured organisms. In other words they are against people being addicted to drugs, mind altering drugs, vaccines that harm children and adults, and dangerous organisms that can cause death to the environment, animals, and humans. The HEAL the body and the mind,,, they do not destroy it.

  • Micki801

    32? I care for people that are 400# who have no heart problems.

  • Joel W

    Fair enough, but I have a friend whose husband has a series of mini-strokes at around 35, and it in becoming more and more common for high school athletes to drop dead from heart issues these days, so anything is possible. I highly doubt this one was murder is all I’m saying. Just because you claim to care for obese without heart problems (which to be honest I do not believe for one minute. Anybody who is 400+ absolutely has some underlying heart issues, but undiagnosed or undetected does not mean it is not there), does not mean it does not happen. Obesity is the number one health problem in this country, and it causes all types of problems, even in children. Obesity is a ticking timebomb, and to say otherwise is being willfully ignorant or willfully deceptive. Take your pick.

  • Ca77andra

    That was my first thought too. Her partner should be doing some soul searching too as he could stand to lose some weight.

    Some people can live into their 70’s, some can’t. I do believe some of the holistic docs are being picked off but I’ll wait for the autopsy on this one.

    Regardless, my sympathies to all who knew her. I’m sure she will be greatly missed.

  • Maybe?

    Check the statistics.

  • Maggie

    Wrong! Low fat is a killer. You just need the right fats–like butter, coconut oil, tallow from grass fed cows, etc.

  • Matthew Boyd

    Well, due to the fact that her chins had chins, I’m assuming that a heart attack did it. ~

  • Lena Wike

    Hmmmm but she dies at 32.

  • Rachel

    I live in the city where she lives and know several patients of hers and one of the police officers that is involved with this case. Sorry to say to everyone but she died of a heroin overdose. Needles were found in her home with the drugs and text records with drug dealers. Don’t jump to conclusions just because someone claims to be “holistic” and certainly don’t blame drug companies when you are uniformed. People aren’t always who they say they are or who you think they are. This is a sad story of addiction and a promising life taken away too soon.

  • Rachel

    It was a heroin overdose.

  • Rachel

    She died of a heroin overdose. (see post below)

  • Maybe?

    Could you give me a source? I would love to see it for future reference.