31 y/o Holistic MD & best selling author found dead in Hawaii

I am truly sad to share the news of the tragic death of 31 year old holistic MD Jamie Zimmerman.

I am truly sad to share the news of the tragic death of 31 year old holistic MD Jamie Zimmerman. I’m not going to officially call her as the thirteenth doctor in my unintended series of holistic doctor deaths at this time, as it was allegedly an accident.

We knew many of these doctors and our heart goes out to their friends and family.

Dr. Jamie Zimmerman was alone when she allegedly slipped and died in Hawaii.

She was a famous author and holistic MD who was about to begin a collaborative project with Deepak Chopra, MD, before her untimely demise.

Here is her bio as it appears on Huffington Post (who she wrote for frequently):

Jamie Zimmerman, M.D. is a physician, meditation teacher and author who lectures internationally on “meditation medicine” and living your calling. A meditator since age 16, Jamie has had the privilege of studying with many of today’s leading instructors, teaches in Spanish and English, and offers free guided meditations at www.jamiez.tv. Her voice has been featured on ABC.com, Yahoo News, MindBodyGreen, and The Huffington Post. Passionate about global health, Jamie has lived and worked around the globe – from Belize, Haiti and the Thai/Burma border to Congolese refugee camps and the Amazon rainforest. She believes that healing – on the individual and global level – happens from the inside out. In this vein, she recently organized and hosted a “Unite for Peace” event with bestselling author Marianne Williamson in New York City. As a teenager, Jamie performed on such shows as 7th Heaven, Boston Public and The Practice. She is currently a medical journalist at ABC National News. Outside of work, she loves spending time in nature, exploring museums, yoga classes, cafes, and live music with friends.

From the article:

Shocked ABC News staffers are mourning the tragic death of a doctor and reporter from the network’s medical unit who drowned while on vacation in Hawaii.

Jamie Zimmerman, 31, was apparently alone when she lost her footing while trying to cross the Lumahai River on Kauai’s north shore and was swept out to sea around 4 p.m. Monday.

We are making a video now and will provide additional details as they emerge.

Here is her mom’s post on her Facebook page, about Jamie.

Our hearts go out to her friends and family.

Erin Elizabeth 10pm October 15, 2015

Huffington Post.com bio

NY Daily News

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  • Thirty-one is a young age to die at. I try to learn from whatever I read. If some friends say to me to walk across some rocks near a river to see where Dr. Zimmerman died, I would have to say “no.” Also this is a good example of the fallacy of being a prophet. If a prophet were to tell Dr. Zimmerman a couple of years ago that she would die at 31 walking across some rocks near a river, I bet she would have avoided it. Then this prophet would be a bad prophet since he/she would have been wrong. Maybe the mother can have a campaign to put up a sign on the rocks that say do not walk on these rocks.
    Of course this is one level. You could look on another level and wonder if she did something in the past that would cause this to happen. Also was she taking any medications? Some have a warning on them, that they cause dizziness and a lack of coordination. We can remember that medications killed the King of Pop and the King of Rock, Whitney Houston, Heath Ledger, Brittany Murphy, Bruce Lee and other famous people. The funny thing is that nothing is marked up as much as medications. It is normal for them to be marked up as much as 10,000%. I will just give the advice that the sergeant gave at the beginning of every Hill Street Blues episode (about police officers). “Be careful out there.”

  • Patrick McGean

    What ever the cause or the prophecy Dr. Zimmerman’s demise will be our false flag regarding the fear of pHarma that we will say no to vaccinations and their other synthetics for addressing symptoms. We are biology not synthetics. NO one need die, dying is so over rated. Be careful out there, those who would harm us or our families.

  • A Ford

    Curious, are you aware numerous holistic doctors have died “accidentally” in recent months? I think it’s up to 12. Some are calling it a “holocaust” (which is ridiculous). lt is, however, alarming.

  • @disqus_HTDiGVlW9p:disqus yes if we go with accidental far more. the 12 who died were not accidents .ALL established murders, alleged suicides or a few mysterious sudden deaths but none accidents. BUT if you take into account the holistic doctors who died in accidents (Even freak accidents!) far more> thanks for reading and defending us 🙂

  • roknrod4u

    Big Pharmas assassins. The sickness industry will stop at nothing to protect their billions in profits.

  • Wendy Allen

    Rocks may have algae and be slippery and she may have hit her head and went unconscious and then waves took her deeper into the water. She did a lot of things in her short life..more than others. Maybe her mission on life was over, but she could have helped even more people. Losing someone so well trained to help others is sad.

  • Tina Allain

    more than likely pushed in are you not paying attention all suspicious deaths …

  • Keith

    a world where all children learned these basic practices to help
    balance/soothe their nervous system — so they were less likely to make
    rash decisions under stressful conditions.” such as trying to cross a
    river mouth where currents are extremely strong and death is likely to occur? it sounded like suicide to me the moment I heard of it, she’s done nothing to warrant being killed unless she had a jilted lover I never heard about

  • Kim Harmantas

    our government is killing them because you know why

  • Kim Harmantas

    they are being killed by our government

  • Kim Harmantas

    scuba divers came from under water and pulled her away and under to her death

  • Kim Harmantas

    they was murdered folks

  • Diane Moffatt

    How many regular doctors have died lately I wonder?

  • nobleday

    There are lots of ways to hurt people without a trace. Here’s a couple as described by ex-CIA agent.

    Truth serum used by CIA. Green pods from the nightshade family. Scopolamine is a much, much stronger potion the most from orange blossoming trumpet or borodanga the voodoo drug. “Burodanga assassins” are seen in current events. Drug puts them under so they do whatever asked, and have no memory of it. They will do anything. Have them under complete power. Used extensively by the CIA.

    Drug CIA uses to cause heart attack and death. They insure someone gets the first portion, put it in a punch at a party for example, to get first part into muscles. Three weeks after second formula dose has to be given to target. Shows up in blood only as a compound. Looks like a heart attach, but does not show true cause of death.

  • nobleday

    Thought there were more holistic doctors than thirteen with mysterious deaths. How about all the sick people at the holistic health conference. No way so many people in that field could simultaneously be healthy one day and become sick or die the next day. Big government and pharma wants them to go away apparently to forward their agenda.

  • disqus_DpQA4464vw

    truly the people on this site do not believe ‘big pharma’ have killed this lady? Maybe a jealous holistic co worker? Let’s get serious

  • Elizabeth Ely

    Seriously? This happened? Details? When/where? Thanks.

  • Elizabeth Ely

    Well, there you go . . . all these doctors who died were alone at the time of their deaths. And it’s considered NOT suspicious that this woman was “apparently alone” on a hike during a Hawaiian vacation? Who goes out into the woods and attempts to cross a river, all by herself, in a place like Hawaii? I believe she was not alone, and someone must have pushed her into that river. “Alone” means being out there with an unknown someone.

  • Elizabeth Ely

    This is scary.

  • Alleged Comment

    The same thing that happened to the Health Director in Hawaii. The only one to have drowned and the only one who had authority to proclaim obama’s BC has legit.

  • Alleged Comment

    They still have not hit the big ones. All these unknown little guys nobody really heard of.

  • Jerry

    Have you asked the Federal Bureau of Investigation to do a full investigation on these mysterious deaths?

    This is going across state lines and is therefore a national concern since it looks like they were all murdered to keep the quiet about something.