31 y/o Holistic MD & best selling author found dead in Hawaii

I am truly sad to share the news of the tragic death of 31 year old holistic MD Jamie Zimmerman.

I am truly sad to share the news of the tragic death of 31 year old holistic MD Jamie Zimmerman. I’m not going to officially call her as the thirteenth doctor in my unintended series of holistic doctor deaths at this time, as it was allegedly an accident.

We knew many of these doctors and our heart goes out to their friends and family.

Dr. Jamie Zimmerman was alone when she allegedly slipped and died in Hawaii.

She was a famous author and holistic MD who was about to begin a collaborative project with Deepak Chopra, MD, before her untimely demise.

Here is her bio as it appears on Huffington Post (who she wrote for frequently):

Jamie Zimmerman, M.D. is a physician, meditation teacher and author who lectures internationally on “meditation medicine” and living your calling. A meditator since age 16, Jamie has had the privilege of studying with many of today’s leading instructors, teaches in Spanish and English, and offers free guided meditations at www.jamiez.tv. Her voice has been featured on ABC.com, Yahoo News, MindBodyGreen, and The Huffington Post. Passionate about global health, Jamie has lived and worked around the globe – from Belize, Haiti and the Thai/Burma border to Congolese refugee camps and the Amazon rainforest. She believes that healing – on the individual and global level – happens from the inside out. In this vein, she recently organized and hosted a “Unite for Peace” event with bestselling author Marianne Williamson in New York City. As a teenager, Jamie performed on such shows as 7th Heaven, Boston Public and The Practice. She is currently a medical journalist at ABC National News. Outside of work, she loves spending time in nature, exploring museums, yoga classes, cafes, and live music with friends.

From the article:

Shocked ABC News staffers are mourning the tragic death of a doctor and reporter from the network’s medical unit who drowned while on vacation in Hawaii.

Jamie Zimmerman, 31, was apparently alone when she lost her footing while trying to cross the Lumahai River on Kauai’s north shore and was swept out to sea around 4 p.m. Monday.

We are making a video now and will provide additional details as they emerge.

Here is her mom’s post on her Facebook page, about Jamie.

Our hearts go out to her friends and family.

Erin Elizabeth 10pm October 15, 2015

Huffington Post.com bio

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