3 Killed in “Blue Moon” Florida murders same way as Holistic Teresa Sievers MD

It brought me no joy to break the stories (as gently as possible) on each of the holistic doctors who were killed or found dead. Many of them were friends of my better half- Dr Mercola. We are so sorry to see them go.

Now we have a strange story which may or may not be connected with one of the murders. Last week there was a triple homicide on the West Coast of Florida   where members of the Smith family were killed in their home with hammers in the same fashion Dr. Teresa Sievers (holistic MD) was murdered, also on the West Coast of Florida. In both  cases there was 1) no forced entry 2) nothing stolen (as far as we know) 3) authorities said not a robbery, and that they were the targets  4) authorities officially announced on tv the Smith family was just killed was  by some  person or persons practicing “witchcraft”  because (wait for it) it was a “blue moon” and 6) One victim (Richard Smith) killed in the home,worked for the Department of Homeland Security  (but authorities announced  there was no connection to his high profile  job and officially and said yes, it was witchcraft, folks) again, both here in Florida, both on the West Coast.

UPDATE: Authorities said it was a blue moon, but then admit that the night they think it happened wasn’t a blue moon and won’t answer calls from the press about this discrepancy. Meanwhile a group of experts have come forward (article linked below) calling this witchcraft on a blue moon theory outlandish. The Smith family has officially called the witchcraft theory ridiculous and outright false and says that Sheriff Morgan is wrong. He’s now backtracking and caught looking pretty bad on video (see links at bottom of article)

Look maybe it was just one of those cases of witchcraft murders on a Blue Moon. (if i said that on my site as the theory RIGHT after the murders- I would be so laughed off the internet)  The source (many more are covering it as the night goes on)  is listed at the bottom for those who think I make this stuff up (because, PS- you can’t make this #$%@ up!)

My heart goes out to all the family and friends. Truly.

Here’s my story:

As it approaches the strike of 4 (in the morning) I cannot help but have the lyrics of the John Lennon song go through my head

“People say I’m crazy doing what I’m doing,
Well they give me all kinds of warnings to save me from ruin,
When I say that I’m o.k. they look at me kind of strange….”

You see, I’m really a skeptic. I have said it before.  I never wrote these kind of stories until I broke the series (as gently as possible) about the holistic doctors found dead. It was an unintended series of course, and brought me no joy.

See, when doctors I knew started dying  here  in Florida a few months ago and I broke these (as gently as possible) and before I could finish my story on one , another  is found murdered?  Well, it made me pause and think, to say the least.

I never said they were connected (how would I know?) and have maintained it could all be one big coincidence. I even shunned TV appearances at first but am now doing a few after I realized many who read my site asked me to speak out for these doctors so the ones who were murdered get justice. We also need to light a fire under the authorities’ butts looking over the doctor’s cases to catch who did it (more than one doctor is established as definite murder and targeted here in Florida) Yet they tell us we needn’t be concerned or worried? How does that work? See my video up above for more details.

But then tonight when I see three people were murdered and all three killed (in part) with a hammer just like Dr. Teresa Sievers the holistic MD? And all of them are on the West Coast of Florida, all of them there was no forced entry (really?) all of them there was nothing stolen (at least that we’ve heard about)

Oh but guess what the authorities say is the reason for the latest three being killed? (One of whom – Richard Smith- works for the DEPARTMENT OF HOMELAND SECURITY- ok I’ll stop yelling)

The authorities and officials say it was just somebody practicing witchcraft during a Blue Moon. Ah once in a blue moon.. you know the phrase.

If I were to even suggest anything so outlandish on my site JUST after the murders I would be laughed straight off the internet, but that’s it. They’ve already announced to the world.

Definitely makes us take our eyes off the fact one worked for the Department of Homeland Security.

Now I could be wrong, and maybe it’s all one big giant coincidence and those witchcraft folks cannot wait til a blue moon to go out and kill people with hammers. They did say all died from blunt force (presumably from the hammers they say were used)

Sorry, but this  just doesn’t seem to add up.

Of course I’ve already been told by someone they totally think it was witchcraft, black magic and the blue moon played a big role (seriously!?!?) Ok prove me wrong then. But I’m not going to bed until I write this story to tell you that I’m not buying it yet.

Call me a skeptic.

Again, I have NO idea if these hammer murders are related to Dr. Sievers hammer murder, also on the West Coast of Florida, but I’ve been asked by the people to report on it so I will.

Oh and guess where I had to find the link to share with you about the hammers? Florida news? (no but I’m sure it’s there if I dig) I had to find it from Fox Cleveland (as in Ohio) Though now later I’m seeing it on Daily Mail and a few more.

I read a few articles from Florida that fail to mention that uh, they used hammers on all three. Not your normal every day way of murdering people.  Maybe it’s some new sick trend. Maybe it’s the same person as Dr. Sievers. Maybe it’s not. But i had to report it and you can draw your own conclusions folks.
This is Erin Elizabeth reporting from Florida on the morning of August 6th (I like to think it’s still night) on “Weds night”  Be well, be safe.XO  E

SOURCES: http://fox8.com/2015/08/05/police-believe-ritualistic-hammer-killing-of-family-linked-to-witchcraft/