Kenley Ratliff, a sweet and full of life 2 year old from Indiana, died on Saturday after running a high fever that lasted for a week. Her family and doctors believe she died from a tick-borne disease. In fact, they had been treating her for Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever. She had a brain infection, swollen hand, and rashes all over her body. 1


If she was bitten by a tick, the family is not sure where it may have happened. They are awaiting her autopsy.

A family friend said,

“Kenley was admitted to the hospital Tuesday after her high fever didn’t break. She was given an antibiotic and placed on a breathing tube while doctors tried to diagnose her, Kirby says.” 2

Before she was admitted to the hospital, Kenley was taken to the emergency room twice for strep throat, then released.


Kenley’s mother is desperate to remind people to always check for ticks.


Our heart goes out to her grieving family.

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