2 More Doctors Go Missing, after 3 Found Dead in 2 Weeks

2 More Doctors Go Missing, after 3 Found Dead in 2 Weeks

2 More Doctors Go Missing, after 3 Found Dead in 2 Weeks
Two more doctors have gone missing in less than a week.

UPDATE: Chief Deputy McCarty of the Sheriff’s Dept in charge of the case of missing Dr. Jeffrey Whiteside MD, is directly asked if there is a tie to the doctor’s disappearance and my breaking stories about other doctors who are missing or were found dead. The Chief says the following about my articles and any correlation:

McCarty said that information has been given to investigators to determine if there’s any correlation to the Whiteside case.

“We haven’t been contacted by any other law-enforcement agency or by the FBI or anything like that,” he said.

Second update:
Just hours or days after authorities said this referencing the stories I broke to the world, they found Dr. Whiteside’s body right in the *very* area he was last seen (so that’s another mystery), and there was a .22 caliber found discharged by his body, but no other details are being given.

2 More Doctors Go Missing

 In the past 2 weeks I’ve reported on 3 alternative doctors (2 MD’s and 1 DC, PhD) who were found dead in less than two weeks. (Click through for stories and funds for families as well as numbers to report tips to authorities.)  It was with heavy heart, as I knew a few of the doctors and have many mutual friends with all three.

NBC and Fox have since picked up my stories and given me credit and links which I appreciate and only wish it were a happier subject, but I do believe this is important to find the doctors who are missing (alive, I hope), and get justice for those who were killed or mysteriously died. The only update on the third one, Dr. Teresa Sievers, is that they have absolutely no suspects in mind, and her husband and kids were out of state in Connecticut at a family reunion that she left early tto see patients.

Update: Initially I said I would not post a link for Dr. Sievers in this article and I didn’t. People started questioning me. So, as much as it pains me, here is the most recent article from NBC. Click through at your own risk. I’m not posting the details here out of respect.

The local sheriff investigating the case of Dr. Sievers said it was not random, not a home invasion and definitely “targeted”. He’s gone so far as to say that when all the facts do emerge, it will likely be the subject of a best selling book (or movie). I don’t even know what to make of that. Mind boggling.

Now, in just a few days, we have 2 more doctors missing. The first is Dr. Fitzpatrick of North Dakota who went missing in or around July 3rd. NBC is reporting on his disappearance. Little else is known at this time.  Note: Initially it was reported he was a DO, but now we see that’s another Patrick Fitzpatrick in the area. This doctor specializes in Ophthalmology and is an MD. From all accounts it appears he practiced in North Dakota, but was found missing in neighboring Montana.

Searching for a 74-year-old North Dakota Doctor

from the NBC article about a doctor gone missing:

The Gallatin County Sheriff’s Search and Rescue team is currently searching for a 74-year-old North Dakota Doctor.

The vehicle and trailer of Bismark resident Dr. Patrick J. Fitzpatrick were found abandoned next a (sic) pea field Saturday south of Willow Creek, near Three Forks, sheriff’s officials said in a press release.

Officials believe Fitzpatrick could have abandoned his vehicle as early as Friday.

He is described as 6’0” tall and weight of over 220 lbs. He has white hair and a goatee, and speaks with an Irish accent.

Anyone with information regarding Dr. Fitzpatrick is asked to call the Sheriff’s Office at 406-582-2100.

The second missing doctor’s story is just as mysterious. His name is Jeffrey Whiteside MD (pulmonologist and sleep doctor), of Wisconsin and hasn’t been seen since June 29th when he was with his family on an outing, and just walked away. Here’s a TV video update that says he vanished without a trace.

From the article on the missing MD:

Dr. Whiteside is a physician in the Fox Valley area and lives in Grand Chute, Wisconsin. He has a boat slip and vacation cabin in Ephraim. Dr. Whiteside was with family on 06-29-15 at the boat slip in Ephraim when he walked away. He is believed to be on foot and still in the northern Door Co. area to the best of our knowledge. His family and office have not heard from him and are very concerned about his well-being.

The Door Co. Sheriff’s Department was notified that Dr. Whiteside was missing on 07-01-15 at 0906 hrs. The Door Co. Sheriff’s Dept. along with Ephraim Fire Department volunteers and others continue to look for Dr. Whiteside and search efforts are concentrated in the Ephraim area.

The Door Co. Sheriff’s Department asks for the public’s assistance in finding Dr. Whiteside. If anyone has seen Dr. Whiteside, please call the Door Co. Sheriff’s Department at 920-746-2416.

This is a safe beautiful little area with great weather this time of year. (It’s where my parents went on their honeymoon years ago.) We cannot speculate as to how “alternative” these two doctors were, if at all.  There have been people posting on social media that one of them was, but we cannot confirm that at this time. We hope they are found soon alive and well. Please call if you have any information as to the mysterious disappearance of either one.

Not to throw a monkey wrench in the mix, but the same day Dr. Bradstreet’s body was found here in the southeast US,  three bodies of three doctors were found in Mexico. They were traveling to the state capital to do paperwork. Here’s a bit of info on those 3 doctors found (which are different than the three doctors found at the beginning of this article). If we count these three too, that would be 6 doctors found dead within 2 weeks, and 2 more currently missing. That’s just in the US and Mexico.

From the article on the doctors found in Mexico:

Prosecutors say four bodies discovered June 19 in the southern Mexico state of Guerrero are those of three doctors and a lawyer who had been reported missing earlier in the month.

Guerrero state prosecutors said Sunday that DNA tests had matched the bodies to relatives of the missing men.

The men had vanished when they were on a trip to the state capital to do some paperwork.

Their decomposed bodies were later found in the back of a pickup truck on a rural road outside of the state capital of Chilpancingo.

The missing men’s families have said they don’t believe the bodies are those of their relatives.

State prosecutors have said they also awaiting test results from federal labs to help rule out doubts.

UPDATE: We have an alternative view- and if this well written piece is right? These are not the  bodies of the Mexican doctors. So where are they? I highly recommend this read…  I’d also like to say the searches have expanded for the 2 US doctors and no leads, nothing, Both just vanished without a trace.

I have no idea if these five missing doctors were “alternative” “holistic” at this time.  I’ll keep reporting on all missing doctors, and again, our hearts go out the all the families of the doctors who were found dead. We hope they get to the bottom of it on each of those cases. I have been with probably the best known outspoken holistic physician for 6 years so of course, this worries me and I’m concerned for all involved.  As for the missing doctors – we hope they are found alive and well very soon.

STAY safe, Erin Elizabeth July 5th


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Disclaimer: This article is not intended to provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.

  • AnasMughal

    Please provide your references/sources?

  • Victoria

    Come on, you look like a moron. It’s either Dr. or Md/DO. It isn’t both. Geez have some respect for these people

  • Victoria

    And it’s osteopathy. Glad i don’t go out of my way to read this page.

  • They’re all in the article from NBC to local news. Just click on the links. They’re all there obviously.

  • I said Osteopathy. 3x. and doctor of Osteopathic Medicine. I didn’t misspell it… What are you referring to?

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  • This is horrible and downright scary.

  • bev

    where is the outrage?

  • Liberty & Justice For All

    wow…This is outrageous.
    Why is this not being covered on the national news?

  • Ghie Mojica

    In my mind I ‘m angry because of money they killed nice professional whose intention is to help people who have health problems.
    I wish I have Super power so that I could bring the bad guys in the middle of the sea.

  • AnasMughal

    Thank you!

  • Sophia

    I knew Dr. Sievers. Not only did we used to work together, she was my Dr. The details of how Teresa was murdered were not released nor has the news stated this. Please stop saying this out of respect. Thank you.

  • Marcia Rutter

    The FDA and the AMA have been doing things like this for a very long time. Looks like the Obama mafia is joining in now since of course we don’t want people to actually choose a doctor who will buck Obamacare.

  • TheBigDG

    Second article on this I have read. I agree this horrible. Undoubtedly the henchmen of the Medical Industrial Complex at work. The best revenge is to get healthy! Do not visit hospitals or buy pharmaceuticals. Come on America! Let’s get healthy already!

  • TheBigDG

    I am so sorry and share the feeling of loss! She was not only a beautiful woman physically but spiritually and filled with compassion! This must stop! I share the sense of utter loss with you!

  • John Vorel

    They all went to the 1st Annual Doctors Anonymous Penmanship Seminar being held in Southern California. But all were too embarrassed to tell family or friends. Its a one week conference if they can graduate otherwise it might be two weeks.

  • Tony

    and OBola says NOTHING……..

  • jack

    ND only has one area code and that is 701

  • OrganicGirl

    I read about the Doctor from NC that was dead from a gunshot wound to the chest, floating in the river. I would say suspicious.

  • Yes Dr. Bradstreet. RIP. Same with Dr. Sievers who was found killed in her house while her husband and kids were at a family reunion. We’ve provided links in the articles on each for anyone to call with information or donate to some funds set up for some of the families of the victims.

  • As you can see in the link I provide – NBC says he was from North Dakota but in the same article lists a Montana (neighboring state) number to call for information. I’m sure you could call the authorities’ number provided and ask them why 🙂 I hope they are found safely.

  • Sophia. I knew her too. The tv stations (who have contacted me about her death) and countless website and national news has reported on how she died. sorry for your loss http://articles.mercola.com/sites/articles/archive/2014/01/29/ear-infection.aspx

  • She was amazing. I’m sorry that people have to see how she died, but alas, it is in national news. Since people are saying it hasn’t been released – I will provide a link as to how – though it’s awful and won’t mention how on my actual article.

  • Joe Boss

    Either serial murders or murder for hire.

  • D. Sab

    This is just outright mind-blowing! Why is no government Agency forming a task force to investigate these mysterious deaths? Where is the media coverage? Have I been living under a rock and missing it all??

  • Barbara

    This reminds of the movies Atlas Shrug and if you’ve seen it you’ll understand if not I suggest you do , it really makes you look at the passing of TPP bill and what our government is doing to elimate and “downsize” our nation .

  • This is just irresponsible reporting (and posting). There is nothing to suggest that either of these doctors are the victims of foul play….that they knew each other….or that they were the targets of some conspiracy theory.

    I swear….some people would rather believe a conspiracy theory than to just accept simpler and more likely answers. 🙁

  • Because it’s not a national story. Each story is independent of the other and is being reported in local and regional news.

    Did you do a Google search on each doctor? I did. They’re sad stories but nothing to suggest a connection that warrants a national news story.

  • Undoubtedly? Really? Based on what evidence?

  • The FDA and the AMA have been kidnapping doctors for a very long time? Really?


  • The two doctors in the main story are missing; neither have been confirmed dead. And, contrary to what this article (and the comments) imply, there’s no evidence to suggest foul play, there’s no reason to suggest that the two events are connected and there’s no reason to think that either event has anything to do with them being doctors.

    Then again….those are facts. And “facts” aren’t really of interest to people who want to believe conspiracy theories.

  • I never suggested they knew each other. YOU said that. I never said they were victims of foul play (though when doctors go for a walk and don’t come back for 6 days and have search teams out for them – AND the officer in the video said they aren’t ruling anything out? that could be possible. And if you bothered to read the other pieces you’d see one was brutally murdered. I guess you have a simple answer for that doctor found in their home? Oh and the one found with a gunshot wound in their chest in the river? those are in the past 2 weeks. No one said they’re all connected, but I’m certainly not going to state for a fact they are not. (and who leaves their car on the side of the road just for the heck of it?)

  • Yes, NBC says he was from Nebraska but provides a Montana (406) number to call authorities with any tips to this missing person. I’m sure you can call them and find out why that is 🙂

  • Dr Sievers is on Nancy Grace, Dr. Bradstreet is all over National News. The other 2 just went missing days ago and are on local NBC or affiliates, not national news.

  • Tony Rush, First, Please do Not put words in my mouth. I never said there was foul play (you did in your countless posts on this thread- a few which have been deleted) Though since (if you watched videos from the authorities in the case IN the news) they said they aren’t ruling anything out yet) Secondly I never said the two cases were connected (you made that assumption) Thirdly there is no evidence to “suggest” foul play? I think the fact a car is abandoned on the side of a road by a doctor who hasn’t been seen in several days and search teams are out for him might suggest foul play. I think a doctor who “vanished” when he walked away from his family and never came back almost a week ago might “suggest” foul play. Even so I didn’t say that in my article. My post was factual with links from NBC and local news. As far as the other doctors- it’s already been confirmed there was foul play and murder. Again never said the cases were connected. Maybe they are- maybe there aren’t. but when 5 doctors in the US are either missing or dead in 2 weeks and another 3 doctors found murdered together in MExico while traveling to the state capital you can damn well bet I’m going to report on it. I knew some of these doctors as did my significant other who is a doctor. My intention is to get to the bottom of it – as the families have stated of some of the doctors whose bodies were discovered. I’m so glad you’ve figured it all out, but we haven’t.

  • Wow Tony I wish I hadn’t erased some of your other posts. He doth protest too much. You’ve practically commented on every thread on this page. And there’s nothing to even “suggest” foul play as you state above. Ok Tony whatever you say.

  • Deirdre Mcgovern

    Ignore Tony Rush, I will say it simply. People who commit suicide do research, and a shot to the chest would not be a fool proof method. You would have to factor in Newton’s equal and opposite reaction. Bullet could end up in your shoulder, most likely would, and it hardly seem like the work of an educated killing machine. Oscar Wilde! Is Obama care covering the costs of lymphatic drainage massage for all the citizens or are they proposing free chicken nuggets for the school children.

  • Christa Bella
  • If you don’t believe in conspiracies, then you have no knowledge of history. History is chalked full of conspiracies. One lie begets another to cover up the former. I assume you believe that politicians tell the truth? I assume you put your faith in the drug companies which have been caught in fraudulent dealings time after time, but yet you dismiss whistleblowers who have nothing to gain but everything to lose, and sometimes lose their life? Wow.

  • My understanding is that no gun was found. Would you not have a gun near you if you committed suicide?

  • srikanth raj

    Simple. Its because of Illuminatis.

  • Linda Nimmer-Morin

    Why because if the truth be known that maybe just maybe they knew the real truth on curing cancer with hemp oil and would put the medical industry down the tubes? Just my thought on this very sad situation. The medical industry doesnt want us healthy everyone knows that. They are pill pushing POS’s and only see $$ signs.

  • Liberty & Justice For All

    Thank you for the information!

  • “Merck emails from 1999 showed company execs complaining about doctors who disliked using Vioxx. One email said:

    We may need to seek them out and destroy them where they live …”


    Your rebuttal?

  • Barbara, If you liked the movie, definitely read the book.

  • Donna Jackson

    I see a link between them. 3 Alternative med doctors, 1 Pulmonary doctor, 1 Opthamologist, and 1 Holistic doctor. And add the 2 missing. What do all these doctors have in common? They all treat people with Autoimmune diseases. I know this because I have them. Just saying that’s a link. People with Autoimmune diseases move around the country trying to find good doctors and alternative ways of treating it. And we sometimes get very angry at some doctors. I belong to a group on FB and what all of us have in common besides RA is we go through loads of different types of doctors and see several different ones for varying reasons. Once you have one autoimmune disease there are always ones to follow. There may be a patient or patients link. It’s worth looking into. I’m probably wrong, but it stuck me as a coincidence. Hope they find the person/persons responsible.

  • Donna Jackson


  • Margie Buchanan

    We have been under a media blackout since the beginning of the current administration.

  • D. Sab

    I believe the media blackout was born much earlier than the current administration .

  • DK

    Erin, there are families mourning unfathomable losses right now, and other’s scared and confused as to why their loved one is missing and with no definitive answers. Dr. Whiteside lives in my town and is a colleague of my mother’s. Sure, you’re just stating facts but you’re lumping them together to make one gross assumption. Shame on you. Focus on something a little more impactful in the world! Now I get why your site is called Health “nut” news.

  • D. Sab

    I’m putting the Rush of passionate opinions on the cold back burner. I’m new to this thread, yet can still quickly pick up types who thrive on opposition. 🙂

  • Diane Prima

    Typical troll talk. The more you oppose, the more you reveal of your ignorance and make the case to which you oppose all the stronger. This trolling is actually backfiring because it ultimately reveals to more and more people how invested the corrupt powers that be are in deception, since they hire people like you to create distraction.

  • Freckle

    I don’t know if…. repeated numerous times. And this is considered news? How about insisting that your writers do some research before publishing their articles?

  • Politically Incorrect

    Big pharma eliminating the competition…

  • marlio

    there are hundreds of deaths of scientist, bankers and stockbrokers but this is not covered in mainstream news for some reason.

  • Melissa Rae Wheeler

    Bcs the masses could not handle the fact that people are being killed off bcs of thier discoveries in the fda and others minds they are thought to be whistle blowers. I do think that each deserves there own story and time in the media I also think the journalist who reports on them as a whole should do so with great caution. The parmasedical companies would be losing hand over fist in money if people continued to side with these doctors. …

  • Sherryo

    Many also treat autism- and at least 2 of them said vaccines were the reason autism has become epidemic

  • Naia McCoy

    Go back to sleep, Tony! Your comment should not even be up here. Apparently, you do not know how to connect dots. Good thing you are not a detective.

  • Kim G.

    How many deaths will it take before they put 2 & 2 together……..The pharmaceuticals and corruption that goes on every day, is pathetic..GREED of the almighty dollar at any costs, that being human lives and human suffering every day…….Anyone and every one has to answer to a higher power at the end of their life on earth, and for these people it will not be pretty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Carol L. Jamieson

    Barbara, I’ve been telling every one about Atlas Shrugged! Glad to know I’m not alone.

  • I did do my research. I painstakingly linked all local and national news stories on each doctor. I never said it was connected. I simply said that the common theme here is 3 alternative doctors were found dead in a short amount of time and at that same time 2 more doctors have gone missing. You might have made assumptions, but I haven’t. My readers are smart enough to make up their own minds.

  • DK- The insults don’t bother me. I have linked the family go fund me accounts in this whole series of articles to help raise funds for the family (with 200,000 shares on one article alone- the last one- I know thousands clicked on that link) I have provided pictures and phone numbers for authorities if people know anything about Dr. Whiteside or Dr. Fitzpatrick. The only thing I have said they have in common is either found dead (3 alternative doctors) or the 2 latest found missing. I can assume nothing else nor do I state it is necessarily connected. I feel for his family and my heart goes out to them (as I say 100x) I only hope that they find him alive (same with Dr Fitzpatrick) and am a writer and thanks for your opinion and telling me what to write about, but I’ll cover what I like and hope they get to the bottom of this on the first 3 and find the other 2 alive and well very soon.

  • national news reported they found a gun in the river which – I have no idea if it’s true or how someone shoots themselves in the chest and then ends up in a river. I do hope they get to the bottom of it- whether it was foul play or not. All very sad.

  • Mona

    Is it just a coincidence that this all happened after the Gay Marriage was approved and the transgender issue is so mainstream? These doctors did hormone replacement for patients, just wondering if its some crazy group that is racist against the LGBT community. Many African Americans died from pure hate from groups like the KKK after the laws were passed for equality. Seems like haters are killing the doctors that are helping the transgender community.

  • Chris

    Logic and reason have no place here, sir. Are you lost?

  • Chris

    You do realize the author even admits there is no evidence that either of these last 2 doctors practiced any “alternative medicines”. Calm down with the conspiracy theories. And for the record, the only people who are “…siding with these doctors” are the people who are to dumb to figure out they are being duped.

  • Tony Rush People have notified me that you are under the WANTED CRIMINAL CATEGORY. Not sure if you’ve turned yourself in but sorry, I had to ban you from the page from your harassment, endless posts, spams etc. Please, get some help. thanks http://www.ripoffreport.com/r/tony-rush/dothan-alabama-/tony-rush-scamed-me-out-of-my-life-savings-dothan-alabama-531211

  • nickspm

    Why is no government Agency forming a task force to investigate these mysterious deaths?

    Under fascism, the government doesn’t exist for the benefit of the people, it exists for the benefit of the corporate status quo.

  • Juniper_Sprinkles

    Typically, none of these poor doctors have made mainstream news. I can’t think why. All of them have one thing in common: the pursuit of natural health alternatives. Nobody can tell me that ain’t stinky. I do smell a rat, and you would have to be a naive fool to not using the electric cells up there to form a connection between these people and those that stand to lose a lot of fortune if their “work” starts to become more popular (which it inevitable has been). Is there a good investigative journalist out there that can take this on ?

  • Juniper_Sprinkles

    All these doctors, probably knew the “not so good” truth about vaccines too. Merk are the most disgustingly corrupt and sinister company around. Now, I am not to point fingers..but…

  • JustUs4U

    Vaccines are vital part of the depopulation plan.. They dont want you to question it, just comply,.. Be a good sheep and trust that the powers that be know what they’re doing.. its all part of the plan right? Absolutely.. and you had better go along with it because if you’re not ON THE BUS you’re UNDER THE BUS… trust that. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=6WQtRI7A064

  • Why would you expect national news to cover this? Because national news is known for indepth reporting? Why even hope or expect that? Unplug from mainstream media, seek alternative news sources. Only kernels of information are presented in national news, and it’s intentional.

  • I suspect more will be dropping like flies as times goes on….the suppression of information is getting very aggressive.

  • It’s been going on for decades…gradually over time, the media has been acquired and then filtered.

  • Expecting the govt in today’s world to investigate this, is unrealistic in my opinion. It seems as if our own govt agencies are becoming more blatant about their corruption thru legislation, laws, acts etc. -as if they fear no consequences anymore. Just my take on it.

  • Oh it’s building and gaining traction. 😉 People are awakening and they are pissed.

  • Cleopatra Jones

    Funny how the term “conspiracy theorist” is used to paint people who are simply offering an alternate view crazy.

  • Cleopatra Jones

    Funny how the term “conspiracy theorist” is used to paint people who are simply offering an alternate view crazy. Funny and sad.

  • Ernest Stuart

    what is going on? should be given full investigation about this…

  • Ernest Stuart

    I just think…it is about business here…long time losses for a competitor of alternative medicines….


    Actually Tony Rush, Does this subject make you so uncomfortable that you refuse to see other points of view? The FDA and AMA have been imprisoning doctors who are healing people on a regular basis. These GOOD docs are challenged in Court because they don’t follow the Cookie cutter protocols designed for the AMA and CDC, and paid for by Big Pharm! Many of these docs cannot afford the 500k attorney fees to defend themselves so they accept plea bargains and go away to prison for 7 years. Good doctors use science, and peer reviewed studies to heal. Bad doctors are lazy, cowardly asses who will continue to administer bad drugs that harm as long as their patient revolving door keeps paying their bills! Did I forget to mention that USA rates last in medicine among the top countries, and USA is miles behind Cuba at #72 worldwide? Whose third world, Cuba or USA? Apparently, in this country, healing is not allowed. You can verify my FACTS by doings some FOIA on doctors who are imprisoned, and look up the WHO records -= World Health Organization.


    There are people who are paid to post these comments, and are well intent on seeing that proper information is not provided to public. Some post disinfo to throw public off too. As a FORMER Sufferer of Morgellons (former – no thanks to shit doctors) I take your news very seriously. I have no doubt there is foul play based on the great lengths that certain parties went into to
    disparage really sick people with Morgellons. Just type in the word Morgellons to see the damage done to the reputations of sick people with Morgellons. BMC Dermatology 2015 (Dr. Middleveen) Morgellons IS Caused by Lyme Borellia that disrupted dermal system and study use 13 independent labs and IS proven irrefutable! The body manufactures fibers, people aren’t inserting them under their skin, and creating their own lesions!! Study proves CDC and Kaisers Permanente Gross Negligence, and possible criminal negligence. YET, STILL, people are suffering horrendously.

  • Kelley Rehm

    I work with Dr.Whiteside. He would never leave his patients. This is all so very heartbreaking on so many levels. I pray they find him soon. There are many that need him.

  • Kelley Rehm

    Dr. Whiteside is NOT holistic or alternative.

  • Georgia Girl

    One reason is because TV News stations receive a huge amount of money from ads for pharmaceuticals. They don’t want to make their “cash cow” mad. Same reason they all promote vaccines.

  • Seabreezes1

    That three Florida doctors who support alternative or complementary medicine as part of their practice have been found dead under suspicious circumstances in the couple of weeks following the AMA’s pronouncement that they wanted to enact some sort of professional sanctioning of those physicians who don’t toe the AMA line is very sobering. No, I’m not suggesting #AMA or government connections to homicide, but there are plenty of vigilantes who look for any excuse to justify bullying and worse behaviors. Any attempt to inhibit #FreedomOfSpeech invariably devolves into violence. That is why it is our first freedom.

    Remember, allowing any group, including our own government, to dictate dogma, stifle dissent, and sanction or intimidate opposition is #TYRANNY….. this is not the America envisioned by Thomas Jefferson & Benjamin Franklin. With two additional doctors missing and the mystery in Mexico, that this isn’t making national news is as powerful a message as the murders……. #NBC #ABC #CBS #FOX – do your job!

    “Freedom of speech is the principle pillar of a free government; when this support is taken away the constitution of a free society is dissolved and tyranny is erected on its ruins.” – Benjamin Franklin

  • OSW

    The last thing needed at any time for any reason is another government “task force”. No more government anything, please. Let’s just pick up our civilization, manage it and ourselves, and stop demanding rulers “do something”.

  • GerryB


  • Eeyore

    I’m with you. It seems to me we have 4 separate instances in 2 large countries with very different circumstances and MOs. I’m not sure what connects them other than the “doctor” part. And why all the emphasis on “alternative”? Only one was it appears – is it relevant?

  • Eeyore

    Seriously? One dead doctor and 2 missing under completely different circumstances in very different parts of the country with very different disciplines of medicine practiced. What on earth connects these 3 other than they put Dr. Before their name? Do you know how many people in the U.S. Do? Do you know how many people go missing in the U.S. All the time? A woman I know is missing right now. Has been for 2 weeks with no clues. And no she isn’t a doctor. She works at the local Chinese restaurant. Yall are a hoot.

  • Eeyore

    It’s not that I don’t believe conspiracies are possible or that people will “conspire” to cover their butts once they are in hot water. But I’ve been watching the world scene for a lot of years now and I’ve learned something about humans as a whole – but especially politicians and corporations. They are short-sighted, impatient, disloyal, and in the end can’t keep their mouth shut. All of these things work against successfully carrying out conspiracies. For the types of conspiracies you people believe to work they would need to be patient in their greed and willing to – one and all – keep their mouth shut for years on end, they would have to be willing to put the good of the whole group of conspirators above their own.

    Did you know that police detectives have said most serious criminals are caught because they can’t keep their mouth shut? It’s human nature. And corporation only care about the next quarterly report or bonus and politicians on,y care about the next election. They aren’t going to carry out a long term conspiracy. And doctors, these are people I know well. For the most part medical doctors are the finest people I know. But some of the worst I’ve met were doctors as well. But I will tell you from knowing them personally how terrified they are of the DEA. They will bend over backwards to avoid even looking like they are getting a kickback. And scientists and doctors care about their reputation a heck of lot more than money from what I’ve seen. Scientists would rather get notoriety than a big check any day. If they could cure a disease for free they’d do it in a heartbeat if they’d get to write the research paper on it and have it named after them. I know these people. The conspiracy theorists are full of it.

  • Eeyore

    The finest kindest people I know are doctors and they have helped me tremendously when my naturapathic friends just took Tons of my money, misdiagnosed me and did NOTHING for me. They saved my mother and father they would both have been dead long ago of not for modern medicine. My mother had cancer and my dad has inherited heart disease and hyperlipidemia that is genetic. All the men in his family before him died in their 50s. They were living in Vermont off of farm fresh organic food and just died. But my dad has been eating the typical modern American junk diet and has lived to mid-70s and just went to Korea and is heading to Easter Europe soon. Why? Doctors. My life was horrible with pain and now I’m living happily and am able to function and the natural healers had NOTHING to do with it. It was doctors. Many of whom are just the kindest and most caring people I’ve ever met. You make me so angry saying those things about them. You are wrong and have no right to talk about good people that way.

  • Eeyore

    Lol. Amazing what people actually believe isn’t it? They may be too far gone for us to help.

  • Eeyore

    Are you sure the difference doesn’t have a whole heck of a lot more to do with the fact that the United States has the most expensive health care in the world and the most people not covered in the developed world whereas Cuba has universal healthcare.????

    You know who I want to see in prison for at least 7 years? The lady down the road who practices “natural medicine” who hooked a leather strap around my head and wrists and told me “either you had conflict with your mother when you were 15 or you took the morning after pill”? Lol!!!! I ran into a friend there getting the same stupid thing and she told me “the doctors couldn’t cure my cancer so I stopped going and she cured me”. Yeah I was at her funeral within the year. And this quack had the gall to have a sign in the wall that said “doctors are so frustrating. They tell you to get in right away then make you wait 3 weeks to get an appointment”. So when I made an appointment guess when her next available was?? Lol Yep 3 weeks. Meanwhile my ACTUAL doctor diagnosed me, I’ve had surgery, and I take medication , and he helped me develop an exercise routine that works for me as well as a diet plan and I’m feeling better than ever.

    Personally prison is too good for some people.

  • AboutTown

    So America can make room for the people from Africa and South America that we are subsidizing to become doctors.

  • Eeyore

    I read the article. You are clearly linking them just by writing the article in the first place. Do me a favor and get out your calculator like I have and then Google a few facts. Once you’ve studied actual clinical trials and scientific research you get a better feeling for how statistics works and you don’t fall for every little thing that seems like a connection. Ready?

    There are around 319 million people in the U.S. Now every year around 14 or 15 thousand of them are murdered. Almost one million of those 319 million are doctors. Now do the math and see statistically how many doctors you’d expect to be murdered in a typical year all things being equal. Yeah it’s around 4,000. Now we know all things aren’t equal but still 4 doctors is not NEARLY statistically significant even though you’d like to make it sound so odd.

    At any given time there are around 80,000 people missing in the U.S. Most of them adults. So we’ll drop that number to 50,000 since children can’t be doctors. So we would expect all things being equal for there to be about 95 doctors to be missing in the U.S. Statistically speaking at any given time.

    I hate than anyone ever gets murdered or goes missing. But there’s no reason to connect these. NONE

  • @kelleyrehm:disqus I am so sorry and hope they find him soon alive and well. I’ve seen they’ve expanded the search and it saddens me as everyone seems completely baffled and mystified (as am I) If you have a go fund me link for the family or any additional links you’d like me to provide, please let me know and I’ll add them immediately. Again, my heart goes out to the family, friends, patients, co workers like yourself. Let’s hope and pray they find him soon – well. XO Erin

  • Try reading. 3 dead doctors (2 MD’s and one PhD DC from Harvard) from here in Florida in less than 2 weeks. At the end I thought it would be irresponsible if i didn’t at least mention 3 dead doctors in Mexico who were on their way to the state capital – all killed. The circumstances of all of them are questionable (1 American murdered- authorities said last night she was targeted) the other found in a river w a gunshot wound to his chest. Both alternative outspoken… Sorry about your friend who worked at a Chinese restaurant, but I knew these people and these medical doctors were connected, unlike your restaurant worker friend.

  • Eeyore,

    Come back when you can stop littering my website with many posts going very out of your way (with a fake name) to say scientists would all cure diseases for free and arguing with an obvious connection (if nothing else- these doctors knew of each other and 3 were from here in Florida) Also this scientist was just sentenced days ago to many months (years) in prison and he could have killed people spiking rabbit’s blood and putting peoples’ lives at risk. You’re way too naive. Go crack a few news articles and get back to us after you educate yourself. https://www.healthnutnews.com/scientist-who-spiked-rabbit-blood-to-fake-hiv-vaccine-results-gets-rare-prison-sentence/

  • I think I know who you really are Eeyore – you’ve come back under a different name littering my site with countless posts defending scientists and saying how ALL of them are altruistic and would all cure diseases for free in a heart beat. wake up and smell the pay offs. Stop trolling and please, if you’re on a payroll you deserve more money at your poor attempts to argue people on this page. I never said they were all killed by the same person (for the ones we know were killed) Nor did I say there was a connection beyond the fact they were all alternative docs who knew each other or of each other (I knew a few well) so take it somewhere else and it’s so obvious who you are after we had to ban your other profile. https://www.healthnutnews.com/scientist-who-spiked-rabbit-blood-to-fake-hiv-vaccine-results-gets-rare-prison-sentence/

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  • Charles Darrin


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  • Terry

    The first I would suspect is pharmaceutical company’s, would they go as far as hire someone to kill Dr. that might have been on to something that would change the whole health system?? According to an artical they were visited by FDA, therefore they were working on something, FDA does not visit Dr. at random. And then we have to keep in mind that FDA is maintained by Pharmaceuticals. Without all the money Pharmaceuticals pay for different things to FDA such as reviews and audits, many at FDA would loss their very well paid possition. One thing is for sure something big is hidden behind this. Surely it will eventually be covered up by some made up story to protect the BIG PHARMA,s or other big industry but something like this does not happen for minor reasons even if we try to make us believe it.

  • marlio

    do you think the government has a hand in this?

  • Lew Payne

    Tony – Nobody is interested in your commentary. We don’t care about the facts; we are all getting an adrenaline rush out of creating our own inferences and speculating on what may have happened. That’s good enough for us. Unlike you, we do not allow the facts to interfere with our conjecture. In addition, we all loved the movie Conspiracy Theory.

  • @lewpayne:disqus Did you read Tony’s comment? He said that I, the author, said there’s evidence to suggest foul play with the 2 doctors. I never said that. That right off the bat is libel. So let’s stick with the facts. That’s one of them. Secondly- I stated the facts in my article(s). I didn’t say they were connected beyond the FACT that, in under 2 weeks, 3 holistic “alternative” prominent doctors from the same area here in Florida were found dead (one in river, one slumped over in his car on Father’s day and one murdered) The Sheriff’s office has said the third was definitely a target and “when the facts come out it will end up a book and or big movie” I have no idea what to make of any of this, but I’m skeptical when they call the MD in river with bullet in his chest “suicide” right off the bat. I want to wait for the actual investigation and scientific information (autopsy etc) to be complete. Same with the other. I didn’t say in any article that “i think it’s connected” beyond the fact we knew some fo the docs and they knew each other and it’s a small community. The fact that the genius above spammed my page so badly I had to erase a few of his more harassing posts is telling. Again I never said there’s evidence to suggest foul play- though authorities on THOSE cases (at least one of them) have already said TO the news on video they are not ruling foul play out. One has been missing 13? days now and just walked away from his family for a second and gone .Vanished without a trace’ Authorities say it’s frustrating mind boggling etc. I’m hoping he’ll be found alive and well along with the now four other missing doctors all disappeared within a few weeks. Funny that our old friend (K) – how we met just texted me from overseas. I’m sure it must be connected haha.

  • Jim Ketterson

    At any given moment there are about 900,000 missing persons in the U.S.. Sad, but true. Doctors make up .3% of the population. If equally represented, at any given time you would expect about 300 to be missing.

  • battled1

    This is really weird… I’ve read a good bit of coverage about some 50(!) young Bankers in the U.S., Asia & Europe who died under extremely mysterious circumstances in recent years! The facts do not add up! For example, “suicide by nailgun,” by a professional banker?? And they all had nice families, friends, and a very good reputation in their respective communities. There have been so many in mainstream media/police homicide reports that it seems shocking as well. Successful, high income, very smart young bankers & doctors should not face early death or suicide-it does not add up! Is someone taking out “hits” in total desperation??.. “Follow the money??”…Isn’t that too obvious??!… Maybe the problem is that you should not be an educated, successful professional with a lot of potential??. .(sadly, same for the victims of the Charleston church massacre!)

  • battled1

    I knew one of the Bankers/lawyers who met an untimely death. It was like a punch to the gut for me to find out he was now on the “Dead Bankers List,” and had held a very important, critical Banking position. I only knew him from saying a friendly “hello” on my lunch break in a totally different field next-door. I later learned about how much charity work he had been doing & how adored he was!! 🙁 But, in person, I could tell he was great, so I mourned, too. My sympathies to everyone either directly or indirectly affected by this (and there are MANY who will be)!!- 🙁

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    While I see at least two who are linked and a possible third the others while suspicious I cannot see the link. It doesn’t say that it isn’t there. The main link is with the vaccines and the link to autism. this is the last thing these manufacturers want for their product to be rendered dangerous. Was someone getting close to publishing a paper? Would the research cost these companies billions? I can see the call for a few deaths to secure their position in the medical field. This inoculation is Mercury based so I can see why it could cause problems for it has a a past history of causing madness.

  • Betharoni58

    I hope some of the missing ones are hiding out. Perhaps they received threats, Not hopeful though. So shocking.

  • Johnny Happiness

    15,000/319,000,000= 0.00004702194

    1,000,000 x .00004702194 = 47

    not 4,000 approx. 47 a year.

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  • Raj Pati Mishra

    Even we are worried by this type of happening in an advance country like USA. We being at India, a developing nations you can easily estimate our level of anxiety how worry some we could be. Govt must go out of way to investigate & punish the culprits at the same time the security to Dr. community along with general public must be ensured.

    It goes a lot to make a good human being and Drs. are God in the form of humans provided they articulate and follow good ethics,values and behavior including compassion..

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  • NewHampshire Bound

    Duh, why do you think this is happening? Has big pharma gangsterism all over it. Vaccine dangers.

  • Wisconsin

    Dr Whiteside was found deceased last night, not far from where he went missing. A press conference is set for 1:00 CT today.

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  • Lizzy920

    Dr. Whiteside’s body/remains has been found. It happened Wednesday July 22. It is unclear cause of death. But a officer/ responder said that his body was not visible.You almost had to be on top of it to actually have seen it .A .22 caliber gun was also found. The wife also denied authorities to search their home when asked 3 days ago. She now has hired a lawyer for all correspondense. Don’t know if she is just trying to protect herself from the media oorfrom something else .

  • Blondebomber

    I think this organ trading scandal is going to blow up and you will see a connection at that point. Either they participated or they know and both are bad places to be in once a scandal breaks.

  • Blondebomber

    So much fear …they can’t face it so they call it FAKE.

  • I lost my holistic doctor due to a ruptured colon and hernia. He was 78 years old and a God send to many sick people. I will be careful now not to mention my new doctor on social media. This is very strange occurrence indeed. Alternative doctors do know how to help people heal which is wonderful. I will pray that the authorities find out the mystery to these crimes and can put a stop to the. fast!

  • Leigh Anne Boucher-Owsley

    This is very strange my husband’s Dr. Just disappeared too,the police have even been contacting some of his patients and no one knows where he went,but this is 8n oregon doubt it’s related but still strange

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  • Naia McCoy

    I believe the sheriff suggested there was foul play. You need to put your head back under the rock from where it came from! Alrighty then! I guess that you are smarter than any detective? NOT.If you knew the stories of the other Doctors…you would understand why they are suggesting it is foul play!

  • Naia McCoy


  • Naia McCoy

    The truth is out….papers need to be flying from every flag post…negalase, GMACP!!!!!! Do the research.

    These Docs gave their lives to save people and were shot because someone didn’t like their research!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Would you call this a Democratic country that tells you to shutup?

  • Paul Anderson

    Because the govt is behind it.

  • Danielle

    They need to see if they all have one patient in common.

  • Paul Anderson

    All I will say…is that I knew some of these doctors on a first name basis. I’ll venture to say they were connected. I’m not going to say any more. People are starting to ask questions, and I’m not going to paint a target on my back.

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  • bezane

    So math ain’t your strong suit.

  • bezane

    The Florida frequency and trending timeline suggests there is something worrisome there. Also the victim rate is not consistent through all professions or demographics. I’d suspect it would be lower among doctors.

  • Joshua J. Henderson

    You mean you woke up at the beginning of the current administration.

  • Tyler Shouse

    it is sad that this idiot is a high income earning network marketer. He obviously has no brains and wants to follow the sheeple paradigm instead of the truth. God have mercy on his lost soul. Doctors are being killed because cancer and vaccines are a billion dollar a year industry, and anyone promoting cheap, natural cures is a potential target.

  • Aajaxx

    Twelve thousand people are murdered every year in this country and you want a government task force to check out a handful of cases because they are doctors?

  • Juniper_Sprinkles

    No coincidence that this is all happening under Obama’s administration. Corruption, deeps seated originating from Chicago, hitmen, mafia, and all roads lead back to him and his imposition of NWO. Big pharma are the biggest bullies, hitmen, liars and corrupt SOBs. The fact that no federal agency is connecting the dots….(let’s presume they are not that stupid) suggests corruption at the highest level.

  • Juniper_Sprinkles

    Stupid argument and stupid arguer. What’s in it for you to want to convince us all that it’s a sheer ‘coincidence’?

  • Strongly suggest those interested in these cases order a copy of the book, “The Paramedic Heretic” – a jaw-dropping look at physician misbehavior from the inside.

    Here’s a clue: Many doctors are killed by other doctors.

  • Eric Robinson

    so you are trying to say everything is a coincidental.

  • Eric Robinson

    dumb arse

  • StupidPolice

    Well, depending on how you count the 1st, 2nd or 3rd leading cause of death in the US is from medical errors. So yes – she does have the right. 50% of people get cancer – millions die from chemotherapy. Why do people still get cancer? Most people altogether die from heart disease – nearly all preventable. Statin drugs – a $30 billion market – destroy the liver’s capacity to produce cholesterol – but for longevity you need HIGH cholesterol. Most heart disease involves calcium plaques – so 50% of victims don’t even have raised cholesterol. I could go on here for weeks but suffice to say that your rant is complete and utter selfish, ignorant rubbish.

  • Yelloecanary

    Shame on you! There is absolutely no harm in seeing the possibility that these cases are similar in a few significant ways. You throwing out the “conspiracy theory” crap does nothing but signal that YOU, TONY RUSH have an ulterior motive for saying that. WHO ARE YOU???!!! Obviously a government shill! Keep your propaganda to yourself and let these good people communicate in a normal, caring manner.

  • Yelloecanary

    You are quite a bit off here. The number of children that go “missing” in just the US…300,000 PER YEAR. This number is an estimate and could be a little more or less. The FBI DOES NOT KEEP RECORDS OF MISSING, ABDUCTED, OR MURDERED CHILDREN! There is a thriving market worldwide that runs 24/7 for baby boys and girls, young boys and girls, prepubescent boys and girls, and adolescent boys and girls. Pedophilia in all its forms, child pornography, CHILD SEX SLAVERY, and child prostitution, up to and including ritual child abuse, child sacrifice, and cannabalism by satanists IS ALL TOO FAMILIAR, not only to the good people who fight to help them every day, but to many who collude with the perpetrators by saying NOTHING even though they are very aware of it. Think..Child “Protective” Services, case workers, foster homes, judges, etc. Each of the latter groups benefit monetarily every time a child is taken from the parents, placed in a foster home, moved to another foster home, etc. It is a money, sex, ritual abuse mill. And some of the same latter group are also perpetrators. The children are prostitutedoing at each foster home. The perpetrators could be your next door neighbors, teachers, doctors, firemen, police, congressman, senators, media/news anchors, Hollywood in all its forms, the military, the Vatican, the Taliban, Muslims, jews. I’m sure there’s some I didn’t mention, but it is happening on an unprecedented scale right under our noses all over the planet. This information is now being made public and hopefully will continue to have the light of day shown on it so that these children can have relief finally from all these swine.

  • Yelloecanary

    Don’t answer these obvious government shills. Waste of time!