First and foremost, my heart goes out to the families and loved ones. I am so sorry for their loss.

I  haven’t reported on any deceased doctors in some time and was so relieved not to have to do any more stories on tragedy.  Many of these physicians were people we knew personally, so it’s never easy writing about them.

So I was saddened to see these two doctors’ stories sent to me so many times over the past few days.

The only criteria I had for the  “unintended series” of doctor deaths (this link has a long recap if you click at bottom) was that they be unexplained (as several still are), and not accidental. Several were confirmed murders, and nearly a half dozen alleged suicides within a  season. There were 13 so far that fell into those categories.

There were probably another 13 or who were in accidents—which ranged from holistic doctors who died in accidents in recent months — (one just six blocks from where I live) to even more, some “freak accidents” according to mainstream news. We also have the ABC News Holistic MD who allegedly slipped and hit her head in Hawaii and was carried out to sea. She had been about to partner with well known MD Deepak Chopra, just before she died.

I’ll add links later to yet more strange accidents of holistic doctors as there were so many this summer. I would have to compile the list (or you can look them up on the search button on the site).

I’m still researching a few stories my loyal readers or friends have sent to me about holistic doctors who died since this summer, but want to know the cause of death (if they even have one) before embarking on the stories. I do not report doctors whose known cause of death was natural, except if they are a friend or someone I admire, and I do a tribute—like Dr. Wayne Dyer.

These two don’t appear to be natural, and definitely mysterious.

The first was a 39-year-old Canadian (picture up top on right). Dr. Mark Ernsting, a well-known cancer researcher who, just days ago, was doing his daily “routine walk” in his safe neighborhood (according to his own neighbors and friends), when he was randomly murdered, in what authorities are admittedly guessing could be a “burglary gone wrong”.

From the article about cancer researcher Dr. Ernsting:

Galbraith [a friend] said the incident was very unnerving and that the area is generally safe.

“It’s well lit, it’s so close to Yonge Street and there are always people around,” she said. “Police are very good about patrolling the area. I’ve been here 15 years and nothing like this has ever happened.”

In a written statement Ryerson University said: “Those who knew and worked with Mark said he was a wonderful colleague and an excellent researcher.”

About an hour after the attack, police arrested Calvin Michael Nimoh. He is charged with second-degree murder and appeared in court on Wednesday.

Investigators believe Nimoh may have tried to rob Ernsting, but people in the area are still contacting me asking about it, as they haven’t seen anything like this before, and aren’t necessarily buying a “robbery gone wrong”. Even though in the same breath, they say this was totally random (which it could be).

I’ll update you more with info on what type of research he was conducting (I’m doing the same on other doctors as well). Though Dr. Ernsting says on his Linkedin page he has a “novel approach” to his cancer research.

I will say that the vast majority of all doctors found dead by murder, alleged suicides, alleged freak accidents, etc. were holistic. The few who were not holistic tended to be involved in treating cancer or researching it, or both.

Sadly, we  have another very prominent doctor (picture up top on left). Christopher David Robert MD, 50, of St Paul, Minnesota, who was also walking home alone. He had just come from a festive Christmas party he’d attended with doctors and other staff. He was found dead along the side of the road and still, weeks later, no cause of death has been released.

This news came out two weeks ago, but I waited. I thought perhaps they’d say it was accidental but NBC News (link at bottom) is calling it “mysterious” in their headlines, as are most news outlets.

Again, our heart goes out to all their family and loved ones during this holiday season.

Erin Elizabeth, East Coast of Florida

Monday,  December, 21, 2015