What is wrong with a society  where you have to start  a Go Fund me account when your little boy is poisoned and brain  damaged (yet again, two boys were already poisoned and left extremely brain damaged by Terminix) and all Terminix can do is issue a half apology that sounds more half assed than the most lame greeting card you could buy?
Do you use Terminix? I would quit if I were you. Your life and the lives of your families could DEPEND on it.

Guys this is a must read must share. See below for details and please share for the Go Fund me.

I was writing a followup story to my piece I did six months ago when a family from Deleware was poisoned by Terminix while on vacation. 3 out of 4 are still severely damaged and 2 (the children) cannot even walk or eat alone.

Just by a total fluke- I did a search to find the CNN link again and this story came up of a boy right here in Florida who was also poisoned by a recent allegedly LEGAL fumigation right here in Florida! Forgive that I watched it live on video and am crying, but he’s literally just a stone’s throw away from me and i watched it live on youtube as you can see. Watch it with me.

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You might remember the breaking story I did months ago on the family who was poisoned by popular company Terminix.

I even posted Terminix’s public statements to this family (3 of whom are still hospitalized many months later and “trapped in their bodies” and CNN compares it to a “torture chamber”

I was shocked at what I felt was a total lack of compassion in the official statements Terminix put out there and some felt that protecting themselves was the bottom line.

Of course, as I said in the video above, I’d rather go eat organic dirt (no pesticides at this house inside and out) than use their services.

I’d rather chance swimming here in the Atlantic ocean during a torrential hurricane than use Terminix.

Here’s the first video I made before I saw the story up top of yet another child poisoned.

I hope I’ve made it clear what I think of them and definitely have some alternatives to recommend over using a service like theirs (especially after what they did to this poor American family – especially the two children!)

The video up top from CNN explains that the biggest at risk are those who work in the field planting strawberries (as they are used on those crops year round in places like California!) but also schools and houses near these strawberry fields forever could be affected. Some studies have shown the cancer rates are much worse near these fields that use this airborne dangerous pesticide that the EPA and USDA still keep using and neither agency seems to give a flying flip about how it’s affecting humans or the environment and our planet (not to mention it’s proven to deplete the ozone layer!)

from the CNN article:

As two Delaware teens recover from pesticide poisoning,  struggle to eat, walk and sit up on their own, an investigation into what went wrong highlights failures on several levels, including lax oversight and a history of corruption at the U.S. Virgin Islands government agency in charge of exterminators.

The teens and their parents fell gravely ill and suffered seizures during a March vacation to St. John. The family was exposed to methyl bromide, a restricted-use pesticide. Recovery from their nerve damage has been slow and agonizing for the whole family, but it’s been the worst for the boys. The brothers were in medically induced comas for weeks. They are now conscious, family attorney James Maron said, but they are barely able to move.

Six months after the horrifying incident, their father, Steve Esmond, is slowly getting better as well, but suffers from severe tremors, struggles to speak and can’t turn the pages of a book, Maron said.

“Neurologically, it’s like being in a torture chamber,” Maron said.

Esmond and his boys are mentally “strong as an ox” and “100% cognizant,” but they are trapped in bodies badly damaged by the nerve agent, Maron said.

Prior to the incident, the boys were athletic stars at their schools. The older brother had big prospects playing lacrosse and was already touring colleges.

Their mother, Teresa Devine, had less exposure to the toxic gas than the rest of the family and has made the strongest recovery, but she spends her days and nights keeping vigil over her boys.

What is methyl bromide?

Methyl bromide is a restricted-use pesticide that the U.S. EPA has considered “highly toxic” for more than two decades. Inhalation of methyl bromide, even short-term, can cause severe lung damage, while long-term inhalation can lead to “neurological effects.” Studies on lab animals caused degenerative lesions in the nasal cavity and had effects on the testicles of male animals.

Source: EPA

“They’re extreme fighters, and that’s why they’re hanging on,” Maron said.

The family was on vacation at the Sirenusa resort on St. John when two employees of the local Terminix fumigated the villa below theirs March 18 with methyl bromide, even though it is not approved for residential use. After the family became ill, the Environmental Protection Agency found traces of the lethal gas in their villa.


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