Our hearts go out to Manjula Devi, the mother of three, whose 14-year-old daughter Manjeshni recently died after receiving (allegedly) the HPV vaccine at her school in Fiji.

Manjeshni brought the consent letter to her mother to sign and said she’d be vaccinated the following week. Her mother says had she known the vaccination would be that day they would have picked her up and brought her home (they live in a remote location and weather conditions that day weren’t great).

The Ministry of Health and Medical Services offered condolences to the family and said they would wait for the investigation report before commenting on the case. They also said, “HPV (human papilloma virus) vaccine protects against cervical cancer, which can be a major killer of women. Studies show that there are no serious safety concerns associated with HPV vaccine.” (Wow, the nerve)

As we all know, the CDC views HPV vaccine as “very safe” and “effective at protecting against some HPV strains.” We beg to differ:

Mrs Devi reports that her daughter woke up early on Thursday morning, had a healthy breakast, and said goodbye to her parents. Manjeshni’s poor father described his daughter as the chatterbox of the family, saying she will be greatly missed.

We are so sorry for their loss.

Source: Fiji Times