You’ll remember the stories we’ve done on Sam Girod the Amish father and grandfather from Kentucky who made and sold homemade salves. Well, 11 weeks ago, he lost his mislabeling trial against the FDA and is currently in jail, awaiting sentencing. That’s right, they didn’t even let him go home- after convicting him on all 13 counts- to await sentencing.


Please help spread this story far and wide. Someone should be able to do something for this poor Amish father of 12. He’s being treated like a criminal and he is CLEARLY not a criminal. This madness needs to end.

From the article:

“Sam is in Fayette County prison on old Frankfort Pike in Lexington until sentencing on June 16th. I’ve been there many times holding drug and alcohol counseling meetings. It’s huge and gray, just as awful as can be. Sam has a 5-person visitor list (no more than 5) which of course are all for family, so I haven’t seen him. The last report was that he was not doing great, feeling down. No surprise. The chaplain there is incensed by this whole thing. He wrote to Trump and everything.

The worst thing I would imagine (besides the food and being without his family) is the lights and bells and cage. Not being able to be outside. The Amish don’t use electricity — Sam’s never been in so much electricity in his entire life. Now there are doors slamming, whistles blowing, fluorescent lighting from dawn till lights-out. TVs, loudspeakers… I try to imagine what that’s like for him.  It must be completely foreign, like Robinson Crusoe lands on Manhattan.”

The federal judge will sentence Sam on June 16th and it is possible that the peaceful, 57-year-old grandfather could be sentenced to 68 years in prison.

We are hoping and praying that the judge will give Sam either time served or a very short sentence. Because the other options are frightening. It’s shocking to think that someone could spend the rest of their life in prison over a labeling issue- especially with a product that’s NEVER HARMED ANYONE.

But, if this can happen to Sam then it can happen to any of us so we MUST use our voices and speak out against this tyranny.

Again, if you’d like to help Sam Girod and his family:


Source: Kelly the Kitchen Kop