Residents Want Answers After 11 are Diagnosed With Similar Rare Brain Tumors in Same Town


Something odd is happening in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina; 11 people have been diagnosed with rare brain cancer and they all live within miles of each other. And now, locals are wondering if they are connected and what the cause might be.

Brandy Richardson, whose eight-year-old son Ethan was diagnosed with Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma recalls the day he was diagnosed as terminal, “They give you radiation and tell you to go home and enjoy your kid til he’s gone.”1

But that was just the start.

That same day another boy was diagnosed with the same rare brain cancer. Two kids from the same town. Two kids diagnosed on the same day. Two kids diagnosed in the same hospital. What were the odds?

Brandy’s sweet son Ethan died within a few months of his July 2013 diagnosis but shortly after his death, another little boy was diagnosed with the same tumor. In the exact same spot. Even though his tumor was rarer than Ethan’s, it was operable so a team of surgeons in Arizona were able to remove it and save his life.2

And recently, another Mount Pleasant boy was diagnosed with a rare brain tumor. 3

So far, eleven cases of rare tumors have popped up in the Mt. Pleasant subdivisions of Park West, Dunes West, and Rivertowne.

The families have been in touch with health officials and Senator Lindsey Graham’s office, hoping for answers. DHEC says it is currently examining the data as a cancer cluster but doesn’t yet have an answer.

According to the American Cancer Institute, 1,000 cancer clusters are reported in the United States every year. 4


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Disclaimer: This article is not intended to provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.

  • usaok59

    I hope they find out some answers on this illness. It is becoming more common every month!

  • AS1124

    look at any corporations contaminating the water and soil in that area. Betting its a chemical company or a paper making company poisoning the water like the koch brothers.

  • Gabe

    Check for new towers …….5 G….CANCER CAUSING,! There is a woman whose son died from brain cancer….maybe in Calif……..there are 5 G towers all over the place.

  • GoldenAutumn

    This is tragic. Can’t help but wonder if wireless (cellular radiation) is involved.

  • Totally agree with Gabe on looking for new towers. Would also add smart meter installations. Each increase in G is additive. They don’t go from 3G to 4G and get rid of the 3G network. It’s additional RF radiation added to the mix. 5G will be far worse and we will see more stories like this. 5G is being rolled out en mass in 2018. It really is sad that with the amount of published literature on the dangers of man-made EMFs industry continues to push these things through at ever increasing rates.
    My town is rolling out smart meters. I went to the informational meeting. They had a panel of so called experts. One of which was Dr. William Bailey to discuss health impacts of smart meters. He listed off his degrees and affiliations and proceeded with his canned pitch. When asked about published research demonstrating the harmful effects of EMFs, he said the studies that showed that weren’t properly done. The only studies these guys acknowledge are those funded by industry. We asked about the WHO classification of EMFs as probable class 2b carcinogens. He claimed that lacked merit and some other drivel. He wasn’t used to being questioned because another guy and me were asking him lots of questions for which he struggled for answers. The expert panel contradicted themselves. It was a dog and pony show to say we worked with the public to push this through. Sadly very few residents of the town were there to see just how clueless these guys are and how little they know about the impact of RF radiation on life, especially human life.
    Cancers and other diseases will continue to get worse. People will continue to have symptoms that they can’t quite put a finger on but include fatigue, poor sleep, increased pain, and a general lack of well-being or zest for life. The other thing EMFs do is destroy dopamine and that’s why so many people allow this to go on without question. Low dopamine = obedient/poor thinking. It’s a sad wake up call to learn about these dangers from the illness or death of your child.
    Don’t wait for the government to come in and save the day. Educate yourself on the dangers and help spread the word and wake others up.

  • Pasi Ala-mieto

    Good to be aware of cellphone radiation and monitor your level, by using Quanta Monitor, free for Android phones.

  • Ali Michelle Thune

    I agree with your sentiments, wholeheartedly. I would hate to have a young child right now, because it seems they are the most at risk.

  • Valdoria

    Definitely EMFs, too bad our government likely won’t take this seriously for another 20 years after countless lives are lost. Repeat of Cigarettes.