10th Doctor (osteopath) Found Slain in Her Home

Mary Rene Bovier, D.O.

Doctor Found Slain in Her Home

It brings me no joy to break another story on a doctor being killed. In fact, I really didn’t want to write this story, but I’ve lost count of how many people have asked me in the last day or two. My heart goes out to her friends and family.

My better half of 6 years is an osteopath too, and we know several of the doctors who have recently died. It hasn’t been easy breaking these stories.

I started an unintentional series about doctors (mostly holistic) who were killed in the last few months, all in eastern states, mostly in the southeast.

From the article on the tragic death of Mary Bovier, DO:

The death of a Sharon, Pa. doctor is being treated as a homicide investigation. The 65-year old victim was found in her Sharon home early Wednesday morning.

The Sharon police chief says the report of a deceased person in the home on Davis Street was called in shortly after 7 a.m.

“On arrival officers felt that something didn’t look right, she appeared to be stabbed, detectives were called out immediately and at this point in time we’re treating this as a homicide,” said Chief Gerald Smith.

The victim is identified as Osteopath, Dr. Mary Rene Bovier. Detectives say an official cause of death will be made following an autopsy. Chief Smith said a person of interest was being interviewed.

“I can tell you that the person we’re talking to is a close friend of hers,” Smith said.

The close friend lives across the street from Bovier and was the person who made the call to police. Authorities did obtain a search warrant for the friends house, but the unidentified man was released after being interviewed.

State records show that Dr. Bovier’s license was still active through July of 2017.

The doctors name still appears at her former office at Tiffany Center in Boardman, but people there say she hasn’t practiced at that office in about two years

Varying reports have her age at 63 and others say 65. Some say the person of interest is a close friend who lived next door, others call him a boyfriend. Authorities say they’re working to make an arrest, but none has been made yet. Even if the male friend is arrested he’s innocent until proven guilty, so I’m including her in the series.  At the time of publishing we are not aware of any arrests made in connection to this crime.

I’ve maintained in every article I’ve written that I don’t know whether these deaths are related. We knew several of the doctors who were killed, many here in Florida. While we did not know Dr. Bovier it doesn’t make it any less painful that she was murdered.

Dr. Bovier worked at the Tiffany Center in Boardman, which is in Ohio. She lived near the Pennsylvania/Ohio border in the town of Sharon, PA which is 70 miles or so NW of Pittsburgh. Dr. Bovier’s death was only the 3rd so far this year.

If you look at the website where Dr. Bovier worked (the article says she hadn’t worked there in a few years but her name still appears at her former office) you’ll notice a few of the treatments they offered at the clinic.

From the website where Dr. Bovier worked:

  • Individual and Group Therapy
  • Marital and Sex Therapy
  • Child and Adolescent Assessment and Treatment
  • Family Therapy
  • Parenting Skills Training
  • Substance Abuse Assessment and Treatment
  • Developmental Disability Assessment, Behavior Management, and Counseling
  • Pain Management Assessment and Treatment
  • Relaxation, Biofeedback, and Hypnosis Training
  • Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR)
  • Psychological Assessments (academic, career, and vocational; custody, forensic, neuropsychological, and personality
  • Health Psychology
  • Community Psychiatric Supportive Treatment (CPST)
  • Integrative Family and Systems Treatment (IFAST)

It does say on HealthGrades website that Dr. Bovier practiced “Osteopathic manipulative therapy as well (most DO’s no longer do this).

Again, we are terribly sorry to announce Dr. Bovier’s death. We’ll keep you updated if an arrest is made, and again, we don’t know if her death is connected to the others in any way shape or form.


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Erin Elizabeth


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Disclaimer: This article is not intended to provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.

  • Ginge

    Erin I am so shocked to hear this sad news this morning. I hope all authorities are working hard to find links and the person/s responsible. This is a frightening and weird set of circumstances

  • justanobserver

    Honestly, in this case it doesn’t surprise me. Sharon is a super ghetto area and everyone knows to avoid it, I feel like while it’s sad she lost her life, it’s also not uncommon for the area.

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  • Jason Wilson

    um this string of “coincidences” needs a lot of attention. May the Creator help us. The Pharmaceutical mafia is suspect numero uno.

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  • michael castner

    So big pharma is murdering quacks?Bullshit.Someone is making money off these scams and want uninformed people to believe this crap.

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  • @michaelcastner:disqus Please don’t put words in my mouth. We knew several of these doctors and some were our friends. Are you saying that they weren’t murdered? I started with the first story and had no idea the rest would die when I did. Actually with the millions who have visited my site in a matter of weeks and my bill for bandwidth? I’ll take a loss for these stories i broke.. Nice of you to call our friends (some of whom had PhD’s along with their MD’s – from Harvard to Cornell “Quacks”

  • Bob Akimbo

    This is disgusting and shameful that you are using these tragedies to insinuate some kind of conspiracy against “mostly holistic” practitioners. No matter how many times you say that you don’t know if these deaths are related, that is exactly what you are implying. More than 400,000 people died in the US in the same time frame as these deaths, including 7000 suicides and 2500 murders. Not only is there absolutely no evidence that these deaths are related, but these numbers are not even statistically anomalous. My condolences go out to these families, and hopes that their pain will not be deepened by your sickening attempt at journalism.

  • @bob_akimbo:disqus My other half (a doctor) and I knew several of the doctors and more than one family member are my friends. In fact, here I am interviewing the Bradstreet family just days ago (Jeff Bradstreet MD was found dead in a river with a gunshot wound to his head) Notice how this grieving family says thanks and says that they trust me as I’m the only honest reporter on this. I’ll link the SECOND family (another doctor) video below where CBS did a story on this (a few network affiliates have covered my stories with links or interviews I did) You are the one who said they’re related. I don’t imply it so please stop putting words in my mouth and i see you trolling other threads with your PRO GMO Propaganda. Go back to your page and stop trolling mine. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xuMN_DC3REs

  • Here’s another one @bob_akimbo:disqus Again, several family members and close friends (who I haven’t interviewed) came forward to thank me. I’ve included Go fund me links for survivors, or foundations the late doctors had started before their death- one for disadvantaged children. several million have read my unintended series. (Obviously I didn’t know it would become a series- I wrote because either I knew them or admired them and then more died. Read the other post below. Sorry you’re a troll who is also on other threads with your Pro GMO rhetoric. Take it somewhere else Bob…. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AtPnxk5yiJc

  • I know @disqus_yRhz5ujtwm:disqus 🙁 so sad. I hope so too. We still have so many others left unsolved right now.

  • Taylor

    Sharon, Pa not Sharon, Ohio (there is no such place) is not a ghetto area. It is a small town in the rust belt that is starting to recover quite well. It is not a high crime area but an area where most people know their neighbors, just like most small towns. Doctors are real people that have faults and horrible things happen to them just like everyone else. Angels do not fly over their houses.

  • Kathryn Beck

    I don’t trust pharmaceutical companies but does anyone else think this might be one crazy person working their way up from FL?

  • gena

    ha really, please explain. The pharmaceutical mafia fares better when doctors are alive.

  • Just Thinking

    Thank you for this article on Dr. Bouvier. I was a little startled to see your comment … Dr Bovier’s death was “only” the 3rd so far this year. Were you or are you anticipating more? I have always been disappointed to read in an article that the word “only” is used concerning a deceased or the number deceased.. Only? Dr. Bovier’s death could affect 20-30-40 relatives, friends, and associates. I commend your bringing these physician deaths out in the open and hope that you will consider never using the word “only” as you did here. It guess this all started during VietNam when our media would report that “only” so many Americans lost their lives that day. Thank you, Just Thinking



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  • Mary Putnam Hasson

    First Sharon is in Pennsylvania NOT Ohio so get your facts straight, secondly this is a tragedy for our neighborhood we have lived there my whole life and nothing like this has happened before, she was a good neighbor and the whole neighborhood is devastated over this. This is Not a conspiracy it is a murder! The police know who did it, don’t act like you do! Don’t you dare use her death as a means to sell your agenda! Anyone who believes you on this is nuts since you can’t even get the state right! You are a fear-monger and you need to stop let my little town heal keep you conspiracy theory to your self! She was a good woman and deserves better than this!

  • Marie Scherbaum Snow

    Gena, the pharmaceutical company will be put out of business by doctors that practice ‘alternative’ medicine, healing, health…. anything that benefits humanity is not tolerated by this or other evil governments….they cause/allow the toxic mess in our air, food, water, oceans, etc., and then they prescribe you meds that also make you ill…. there are no cures for anything. There is no money in a cure… in the last 3 years… approx. 80 scientists uncovering technology that will benefit humanity have. ‘mysteriously’ expired…

  • allan

    Please don’t waste your time defending yourself against unfounded insults: the job you’re doing is valuable. your readership will defend you. if the only human foible we can fault you own is a misplaced “only”, then we have too much spare time. Meantime stay alert, creative and sensitive, or maybe just a little callous to callous people. I would advise learning “states of situational awareness” as you become more and more published. a lot of that (defensive strategy) is not so necessary when you surround yourself with friends and family. still parts of the world are warzones, largely based on people’s angers and fears and targets of opportunity, not their locations.

  • Wendy Schraml

    Still waiting on answers with Dr. Whitesides death from the Wisconsin Crime Lab.

  • what @mariescherbaumsnow:disqus said . are you being intentionally ignorant about this? there is a perfect description, in the article, showing that these doctors all were less likely to prescribe pharmaceutical drugs, and that they offered treatments which might make the use of pharmaceutical poisons obsolete

  • my guess is that these families would be more hurt by your sickening willingness to ignore the possibility that these killings are related

  • no . why would ‘one crazy person’ be targeting holistic doctors?

  • if the police ‘know who did it’ why haven’t they arrested the killer? meanwhile, you get a FAIL in reading comprehension :

    ‘As you notice the quote above, it says she worked at the Tiffany Center in Boardman, which is actually Ohio, as she lived near the Pennsylvania Ohio border in the town of Sharon, PA which is 70 miles or so NW of Pittsburgh. Dr Bovier’s death was only the 3rd so far this year.’

  • Casey Clark

    The reality in the world today is….not reality. Many of the suicides……are not suicides! Many of the murders….the numbers are higher and not committed by who you were told they were. We can’t live in a fairy tale world.

  • Charity Adkins

    I’m also in the neighborhood. Lived right across the street from Mis Mary.
    her boyfriend, who is a doctor too is being accused of doing it to her. She has only been staying in Sharon, PA close to three years. She’s from East Liverpool Ohio. they haven’t made an arrested yet because they have no evidence on him.

  • I know Wendy! And who owned the gun? I swear I cannot believe mainstream barely carries any of these and just so crazy. he’s found weeks ago with a gun discharged next to his body and they refuse to say cause of death? How hard is it to tell ? XOXO RIP of course and I reported on him within days of his disappearance) XO

  • Just thinking, Good point and duly noted. Here is why I said it not that it justifies it but please read on: The Sharon PA police dept said there had been 3 deaths this year in that town. A few said it was a bad area and it was the “ghetto” insinuating there were many deaths. My only point was that we’re in the latter half the 8th month of the year and she’s only the third person to die in the whole city in 8 and a half months. I did say my heart goes out to her friends and family, but for those who act like it’s some crime town where people are shot often. It’s not. (at least there) of course Dr. Bovier’s death and the 2 others are tragic and certainly affected hundreds of people each. Forgive me if that sounded callous while trying to make a point (I updated it with that) because of others acting like it was the “hood” hence the reason she died which simply isn’t true. PS in fact if you’re on the page scroll down to see the person who said it’s just a ghetto town and another death isn’t at all surprising.

  • @disqus_dwSuCK7TKP:disqus here is the post to which i was referring.

  • @Justanobserver- Did you read what i wrote above? It IS uncommon as in nearly NINE moths they’d *only* lost 3 lives to murders that year. That’s hardly “common . I agree with Taylor below too

  • @taylor- well said. not that 3 deaths isn’t tragic but they said it was only the 3rd this year (almost 9 months) so not like people die there often at all. In fact safer than most small cities in America from the stats.

  • @maryputnamhasson:disqus There have been no arrests! I didn’t say I know who did it. In fact it sounds like you’re saying you do and the police know. I know the boyfriend is a suspect but thank GOD you’re not a judge or jury because, last I heard it’s innocent until proven guilty. I guess you’re wrong because if the police were so sure he’d done it and KNEW he did it as you claim they’d surely have arrested him. I lived in PA and put Sharon PA, the quote said Sharon Oh, which i fixed days ago. Also do NOT put words in my mouth or Libel me as I never say in the article it’s a conspiracy theory. I state I don’t know who did it or if it’s connected. Mary sounds like a wonderful woman (as I said) who shouldn’t have died. You, on the other hand sound like a real Asshole and so please take your stupid ignorant trash off of my page and go @#( yourself.

  • ya at 4am the punctuation might not be perfect but she DID work in the Tiffany center in Boardman according to the links. It IS in Ohio. and she lived near the PA Ohio border in the town of Sharon PA. And yes it’s 75 NW of Pittsburgh (where i used to live) and yes it’s the 3rd death so far this year in the town as the links i provided report. what part of that are you disagreeing with? (sometimes i wonder if the killers of these people don’t just come here to my page to aggravate the hell out of me) I hope all these trolls are investigated thoroughly by the police. including wise old suspicious ahole of a troll poster

  • @charityadkins:disqus I’m so sorry to hear you that and glad you’re alright. My apologies for your loss. In all these cases we have all sorts of people claim to live nearby and know the doctors (but I believe you) It’s very suspicious when those others come here with the rude comments as I said not a mean word about Ms Mary. Do you know her boyfriend’s name? the doctor) you can write me privately at healthnutnews@gmail.com and again, thanks for being so nice. On most stories (where I never claim any are connected) we get a few mean folks like the ones above correcting grammar? sometimes I wonder who they *really* are. xo e

  • thank you! I misread your post as directed at me! 🙂 Thank you!!!! You are an angel and yes. I think people like this woman who post their hateful (incorrect) statements are rather suspicious and i hope police investigate them! thanks again for sticking up for me 🙂 Sorry I thought you were talking to me at first xoxoxo hugs.

  • PaC SGM (R)

    Damn my wife is looking into DO schools now, crazy.

  • the majority of the doctors killed in a matter of weeks were holistic and outspoken against them. Just sayin. still no answer.

  • aw thanks @allan good advice ; )

  • thanks @wiseoldsnail:disqus ; ) yes i interviewed a few of the family members on my youtube channel and am going to be talking to more. Many have said thank you XO http://youtube.com/rawfoodsretreat

  • @pacsgmr:disqus yes my other half of 6 years is a DO. does make me a little nervous

  • Reynaud

    Last statistics I saw said there are over 1,000,000 naturopaths, chiropractors, herbalists, massage therapists, nutritionists, psychics and dentists, MDs & DOs practicing in the USA in some sort of “Holistic” manner. Random murders would seem to me to be a highly inefficient method to get rid of them!

  • Just Thinking

    Thanks so much for your reply. I certainly did not intend for my comment to sound mean or hateful. I have read the various comments (some negative about the area and the comment from the “troll”) about that area and understand your wanting to make a point that it was not a high crime area. I do believe that there are many evil people in high places who are eliminating these doctors who were bright and caring toward their patients and the unknown number of others they could help. When this much money is involved to the pharmaceutical companies and their shareholders, it is not hard to believe that the power of darkness is strongly fighting the side of truth and goodness. Money is truly worshiped by those at the top. Your commentary is excellent and to the point and much appreciated, which are foreign concepts to the MSM. PS It also sounds like the locals may have a “patsy” in mind to take the fall for this murder. Blessings,

  • Cyndi

    Yes, most DO’s in my area still practice manipulative therapy. THe list of treatments and therapies from this article are listed on the website where this doctor saw patients. Most of the therapies are provided by nurse practitioners, counselors, social workers, etc. It is a chain of mental health clinics. They have one doctor on staff whose only job is to provide psychotropic prescriptions. I hate big pharma as much as the next person, but they are in no way threatened by alternative therapies. They certainly aren’t going to get rid of the only person in a practice that actually prescribes meds. What a bunch of wackadoodles.

  • Linda Gardner

    Dr. Bovier was my physician for 15 years. She was a wonderful Osteopathic Physician and a kind woman who was trained the same way the M.D.’s are trained. She saw children as well as the elderly for the same issues any other Family Practitioner would see his or her patients. Why are people so uneducated when speaking about Osteopathic physicians. Most of them do their internship and residency, with M.D. groups. There is no conspiracy that caused her death. I think you will see soon enough, that like on television, the culprit is someone close to home.

  • @disqus_R0BFsJ7TAt:disqus I am very sorry for your loss and am quite familiar with the entire process of being an Osteopath. (We have a few who claimed to know her on accounts like this but I’ll take your word for it as true) I never say conspiracy and wish people would stop putting words in my mouth as it does sadden me. I do however believe that there has to be a trial before we say someone is guilty. Oh and perhaps an arrest which none has been made. We have ten doctors (many of whom we knew) who were found dead or murdered in a very short amount of time (like within weeks) so I think it’s my duty to report on this however she was killed (which is tragic and awful- heart goes out to friends and family) My other half of many years has been an Osteopath for over 30 years. He’s one of the better known ones in the world and speaks for groups of thousands of DO’s on occasion and is asked frequently. I’m quite familiar with how they are trained and also directly quoting the clinic where she worked on what they offered as well as HealthGrades on her services. I hope they do find out who did it, make an arrest and same with ALL the other murdered doctors and doctors found dead (whose families are now coming forward publicly to the press demanding investigations) and get to the bottom of this.

  • @Reynaud, we haven’t included any naturopaths, any herbalists, any of the countless massage therapists, nutritionists, psychics Not even PhD’s. We have stuck with mainly doctors we KNEW, mostly in our state or this region who died within a matter of weeks. Thanks for trying though- whatever your motive is on this site and whoever you really are.

  • The Osteopaths I know do manipulations.

  • Angie

    Erin, do you think this is connected to the Biogenesis case out of Florida?

  • @angie you mean all the cases in Florida or one in particular?

  • @doreneg:disqus My Primary Care DO doesn’t do them. She never has as far as I know. My other half Dr. Mercola doesn’t either (also a DO)

  • ‘hope police investigate them’ … likely police hired them

  • Dawn Pearson

    Wow alott of doctors gone in such a short time …… big loss to All . Rip to them All . Very Sad .

  • KD Elkins Gaur

    Do you not know what an Osteopathic doctor is? If you did, you would not have made that comment.

  • Lisa Kulick Olszowy

    Been almost a year and yet no arrest? Another cold case?