Walking Barefoot on a Beach

Everyone I know seemed to own a pair of these "healthy" shoes.  I saw people running in them, working out in them, hiking, riding...
Man Curling Weights

The young fit Vivacious Kevin Olgar was paralyzed from the waist down during a recent weekly Crossfit competition at his local Crossfit gym in Orange County, California. Sadly reports say he remains so after 2 recent surgeries. He'll be headed to a rehab facility in Colorado where we hope he's able to get at least some movement back or at least learn how to use his upper body if he is unable to walk again.
Fit Older Man

Meet the man... the legend; our friend Dr. Wayne Pickering. Better known as the Mango Man (MangoMan.com) I've been a big fan of his since my cousin (chiropractor Robert Walsh) turned me onto his work over ten years ago. I was so excited when I finally got to meet him and introduce him to my better half, Dr. Mercola, nearly a year ago at a Raw Vegan gathering.

I lost 25lbs, much of which was fat, in several months. In upcoming videos and interviews I'll talk about how I did this and lost the majority of the weight in under 90 days and how I've kept it off 9 months now. It involved cutting back on grains significantly. My rule of thumb is fewer Treats Wheat, Sweets and Meat! Hope that helps and you'll tune in as I post videos on what I did to change how I look AND feel! Thanks Happy 2014! XO Erin Elizabeth....